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Robbers and awards

Hello again. It’s time for another short sharp burst of invigorating security news. Enjoy!

Here’s some video of a gang of robbers – UK robbers, no less! – who have smashed and bashed their way into a Dutch shop to access its ATM. What bounders.

And here’s a lovely award for Integrated Design Limited. It’s from the Queen and everything!

We’ve learnt today about IFSEC India attracting a whole heap of business for its exhibitors; about the establishment of a new video analytics firm by some of the folks who used to work for Dowshu; and about some new analogue JVC cameras – with a little video demo for your viewing pleasure.

There are also other things!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The ACS and Bench Tests

Top notch security news excitement galore today. As you’d expect. Absolutely!

First up is venerable SMT Online editor Brian Sims, who reports on the Approved Contractor Scheme developments at last week’s SIA Stakeholder Conference, in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Topical and delicious.

Brian has also provided us with an exclusive interview with Mike Bluestone, new chairman of the Security Institute. The interview took place at IFSEC 2009 – check out the rest of our coverage in our IFSEC News section.

We’ve gone Bench Test-tastic! This month it’s the turn of JVC’s VN-X35U day/night IP megapixel camera. How does it fare? You know you’ve gotta click on this very link to find out. It’s true!

In addition, there are thrilling and informative articles on new Siemens IP cameras; and risk and threat assessment. What’s not to like?

What up? www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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CCTV on TV and access at Burnley FC

You might remember that a while back we ran a couple of articles on Channel Five TV show CCTV Cities, fronted by investigative reporter/self-regarding smug fella (delete according to your perspective) Donal MacIntyre. Some people liked it, and some people, including Brian Sims, felt otherwise. Well, there’s a new series on the way, and today JVC points out that its monitors are used by some of the featured control rooms.

Also making headlines today was the news of a Siemens Building Technologies installation at a previously unused part of Burnley Football Club’s Turf Moor ground. And no, it’s not the pitch. It’s inside the building part!

In Rotherham, they take packaging seriously. That’s why packaging maker Cepac wanted to monitor its packaging-making system with a surveillance package from Samsung Techwin.

Packagers, and people in many other industries, will be interested in the Next Generation of CCTV. Luckily, we have a conference about that very thing happening soon. There’s also another one called The Threat Within, which is not, as you might well imagine, about the potential for supernatural bodily possession and exorcisms and so on, but rather employee fraud and stealing and that sort of thing.

And! The 2008 Security Excellence Awards. On soon. Book a table. Buy a dress. Or both! It’s up to you.

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CCTV at the G8 summit, and SIA judgement time

Today we bring you some pretty cool pictures of JVC domes in action at the G8 summit held in Japan earlier this month. They were used for communication rather than out and out security purposes, but that’s close enough, right?

There’s also some details of the full judgement in the SIA’s right to prosecute case that we first mentioned last week.

And big network video player Axis has reported good results for the first six months of this year – that’s 2008, for anyone playing along at home.

Brian Sims’ SMT Editor’s View, published yesterday, has prompted a flurry of responses, particularly with regard to knife crime. Read the whole thing and let us know what you think.

The opportunity to express your interest in tendering for security work at the 2012 London Olympics is still available – the deadline is August 18.

And there are two things to remember: one is to vote for Security Manufacturer of the Year in the 2008 Security Excellence Awards; the other is to visit www.jobsforsecurity.com, because it’s jolly useful.

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