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CCTV in the news, PoE, and defence

And we’re back. It’s post-holiday excitement time here at I4S Towers, so let’s get the security news cascading into the public domain like some kind of beautiful information waterfall. Or something.

First up is the CameraWatch organisation, chipping in with their thoughts on the recent story about a London Met Police report that said it solved one crime for every 1000 CCTV cameras in the city. And Nick Smith of Scyron is urging commonsense over the report as well.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at two major new reports from the Defence Industries Council on what it believes is the “vital nature” of the defence industry.

We’ve also got a story from Iain Crouch of Veracity on how to get the most out of our old pal, Power over Ethernet. It’s like Edgar Allan PoE. Possibly.

There’s also more! Get stuck into our unrivalled news coverage. Click on the stories below to get your fix.

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The security week: The ‘got your goat’ edition

Well hello! Security news has been wildly stampeding all over our computer screens this week, like a man with salad fingers in a building full of rusty spoons. Let’s get informed!

SMT Online‘s prolific and genial editor Brian Sims has been very active this week. His report on the launch of the London Metropolitan Police’s PREFIT initiative – including video interviews! – makes for absorbing reading, as does his interview – or ‘natter‘ – with Securitas Mobile’s Andrew Natt.

Wilson James went out on a limb this week, warning security companies and clients to be aware of the need for compliance with the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter Act.

We’ve also got a discussion on the necessity of licensing for consultants; and details of a London Olympics security workshop. Useful!

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of Jamaica’s Mr Boombastic, Shaggy. Wind your body!

After you’ve done that, why not do this? Complete our CCTV End User Survey – you can win £200 worth of Marks and Spencer Vouchers – and also enter the Security Excellence Awards. It could give you the leg-up you need.

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The security week: The wild west edition

Yeehar, pardners. It’s time to saddle up etc and mosey or somesuch into The Security Week. Giddy up.

First cowpoke off the rank (I believe this is the correct expression) is London’s Metropolitan Police, who are launching their PREFIT Forum today, to aid in reducing employee theft.

There’s also a bunch of chaps in this company, UKB Security, who are claiming that the recession has actually boosted sales of domestic security gear.

Our new apothecary, the CCTV Doctor Enser, is fixin’ to help folks with his video advice – this time on image resolution.

And our Song About Security this week comes courtesy of wild young gunslinger Jimi Hendrix. If he was wearing spurs he’d probably use them to play his guitar with. Or something.

Taking our CCTV End User Survey is like striking gold on your own claim. If by ‘gold’ you mean ‘the potential to win £200 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers’.

And winning a Security Excellence Award is like being elected mayor, or sheriff, or some other glamorous role, in a really cool town full of lovely ladies and groovy cowboys and horses and all that other stuff. It’s good.

I’m going to ride off into the lunchtime sunset and start moving house. Enjoy the weekend, hombres.

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The security week: IP opinion, CCTV advice, and hitting the headlines

Ah, Friday – glorious, wonderful, ever-lovin’ Friday. It’s a sure sign the weekend’s on its way – and it means the thrill of reading The Security Week is here once more.

First up, it’s me. Hooray. I’m going on about the need for a change in the outlook of those involved with IP security, and I’d describe it as ‘a particularly incisive piece of opinionating’ if I were not too modest to do so.

We’ve also got our old pal the CCTV Doctor providing some advice on the legality of having your CCTV images viewed by any old Tom, Dick or Harry in your organisation. Useful!

Oh yes – it’s trumpet blowing time. Brian Sims, illustrious and respected editor of SMT Online, has been sought out by the London Evening Standard to provide some industry perspective on the appointment of Paul Stephenson as Met Police Commissioner. Kudos, to you, Brian. Kudos.

There’s a fascinating story on a truly superb conference, fully endorsed by I4S, and going by the name of Securing Educational Establishments. You’ll be intrigued to know that it is all about securing educational establishments. If it was a tin, it would do what it said on itself. Kind of.

Today’s Song About Security comes courtesy of The Clash. You may have heard of them. Enjoy the delicious dubtasticness. It’s a personal favourite.

And this week’s Job of the Week comes courtesy of delightful and effervescent security jobs website Jobs for Security. The job itself is for a Security Systems Engineer. Who’d have thunk it?

As a reward for making it through the week, here are two things you may or may not feel are appropriate gifts. One is an example of refrigerator-based alcohol humour. The other is simply a small Mexican wrestler doing cool stuff. Enjoy!

Now point your web thing in these directions: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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IP mind change, and mobile fingerprinting

Cripes! It’s another thrilling edition of the world’s best-loved and most respected daily security news service blog thing. Except for yesterday, which I missed. Sorry.

Today, I shoot my mouth off about the state of IP security and the increasing need for hybrid systems. Classy!

We’ve also got a very interesting piece from John Elliott on the mobile fingerprinting schemes becoming popular with police forces.

Our CCTV Doctor tackles a question from a reader which deals with the legalities of access to CCTV images within an organisation. Just who can watch it?

And as an exciting bonus, if you happen to be in London today, make sure you pick up a copy of the Evening Standard newspaper. Within it – on page 47 of early editions – is a comment piece by SMT Online editor Brian Sims about the appoint of Paul Stephenson to the Commissioner’s role at the Metropolitan Police. We’ll link to it when it appears on that publication’s website.

Yoink. Head over to www.info4security.com, and also www.ifsec.co.uk. Wahey!

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