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Enviro-friendly CCTV

There’s an Irish-Indian flavour to today’s news missive, for no reason other than that is what we felt like. And also where the news was.

So here goes. An Irish company is distributing a wind and solar-powered CCTV system. This uses the actual environment to power itself. It totally dominates nature. But in a non-destructive way. So everyone’s happy! Good one.

Over in India, Chinese digital video firm Hikvision has been doing deals with Indian distributor Prama Technologies. This is hot on the heels of their appearance at IFSEC India. It’s a rapidly growing market!

And at a Reliance Security Services event in Northern Ireland, the SIA has told the local industry that it needs to get ready for regulation. This makes sense, as regulation will begin to be phased in at the end of this year. So urging those affected to be ready for these inevitable changes strikes me as very sensible, logical advice. I believe it was shorts enthusiast Lord Baden-Powell who said: “Be prepared for security industry regulation and licensing.” Sound.

In my mind, I imagine that an ‘impenetrable building’ would resemble something like a supervillain’s lair. At the very least it would have not many windows. But what do I know? You can find out more about impenetrable buildings (and perimeters) at this conference: Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. Informative!

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