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Churches and hospitals

Today we look at the case of a church which is fighting back against metal thieves by installing CCTV protection to secure its valuable roof.

And in the NHS it’s Fraud Awareness Month – a subject which ties in with our very own The Threat Within conference.

Elsewhere, Vumii has won a Technology Innovation Award from the Wall Street Journal – just in time, too, as it’s fairly likely that publication may have other things on its collective mind at the moment.

Don’t forget the Security Excellence Awards take place next week – watch this space for all the winners. Exciting stuff!

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The security week: Officer shot, and theft foiled

This week’s top story is the shocking shooting incident that saw a security officer badly injured at Tesco in Tring. Brian Sims covered the incident.

In addition to his Editor’s View, Alan Hyder brought us the heartwarming story of the metal thieves foiled in their attempt to steal some scaffolding; and the out of this world story of motion detectors in space. Intergalactic!

Panasonic’s Claire Millington recently endured the arduous task of going to Beijing to watch the recent Olympic Games. She details this terrible imposition in her exclusive Olympics Diary.

A security concept that involves scanning brainwaves to extract evidence of hidden memories (or something like that)? It’s all part of the Global Security Challenge. We did a story on it this week!

I4S also unveiled the identity of the host for this year’s Security Excellence Awards. Find out who it is by reading this wonderful story.

Pauline Norstrom is worldwide head of marketing for Dedicated Micros (which is part of the AD Group, apparently). She is also chairman of the BSIA’s CCTV section. Now she’s giving a keynote address at the fantastic Next Generation CCTV conference. Top stuff! You should also visit The Threat Within conference, as I am reliably informed it is superb.

To ease you into the weekend, Mr Frankie Valli comes on all stalkerish in this week’s Songs About Security. And for the strong of constitution, here is a video of a parrot swearing quite a lot. Not for kids, and not for those easily offended. But amusing.

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Positive forecast, and Brigstocke as host

Today Brian Sims brings us details of the latest market reports from MBD, which suggests there could be good times ahead for CCTV and access systems over the next five years.

And we’ve got exclusive details of the host for this year’s glamorous and important Security Excellence Awards – it’s tousle-haired satirist and Radio 4 darling Marcus Brigstocke. Read all about him. And them.

Also on a ‘talking in front of large groups of people’ theme, BSIA CCTV section chairman Pauline Norstrom will be giving the keynote address at the first ever Next Generation CCTV conference, so that’s sure to be interesting!

And in the crazy, mixed up world of metal theft, finally a story with a positive outcome. (Not for the thieves, though. Theirs is a kind of inverse morality, I’m sad to say.) In this case, attempted theft of scaffolding was foiled by a wireless alarm system and CCTV. Hoorah!

[Before the next item, I’d like to apologise for the quality of pun contained therein.]

Another story which leaves a ‘glow of happiness’ is this one, about glow in the dark emergency lighting. Lovely!

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Stolen JCB and retail fraud

Today we present the fantastical tale of the little JCB that took a trip to the Middle East – and was tracked the whole way using GPS tracking and security system reports, allowing it to be returned to its home in the UK. It’s a modern day fairytale!

We’ve also got a couple of stories about firms preventing retail crime – there’s a software solution for TK Maxx, and a CCTV project at a number of The Range branches.

One of our most popular recent stories has been Alan Hyder’s somewhat ironic article about the thieves stealing razor wire for its metallic value. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, this is a further opportunity!

Don’t forget to book a table at the Security Excellence Awards. They’re excellent! And then visit jobsforsecurity.com for information on jobs for security. Go ahead!

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The security week: Conference excitement, fraud, and The Alarm

Yet another week of action-packed fun and adventure at I4S – we’ve brought you the news of an exciting, important, and, crucially, future-proof conference on Next Generation CCTV, taking place in November. One of the great things about it is that it’s supported by info4security.com, so I, for one, suggest that you head along. It’s also very interesting and useful.

It was during this very week that Brian Sims provided us with details of a new Chip and PIN scam that fraudster scum are using to rip us off. I can’t stand those guys.

And Alan Hyder waded into the security swamp and took aim at a number of moving targets, including think tanks, metal theft, and unmanned CCTV in his SI Editor’s View.

It being a Friday, and this being the Weekly Digest, it’s in this paragraph that I mention our regular feature, Songs About Security. See? This week we tackle those titans of blustery rabble-rousing Welsh hair rock, The Alarm.

Over on www.jobsforsecurity.com, there are some superb tips on handling that tricky interview. What do you say? What time do you get there? The careers section has the answers.

Monday is a bank holiday here in England, so, sadly, there won’t be a daily digest that day, if any of you weekly types are also daily subscribers. To counteract the devastating emotional distress that this will undoubtedly cause, I can reassure you that we will be back on Tuesday. And provide you with this: a link to a page of cute animals. Enjoy.

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Important new CCTV conference – and dastardly thieves

Today we bring you details of a new and important conference dealing with the future of CCTV. If I were more of a prat, I’d say it dealt with ‘CCTV going forward’. Or zooming. Anyway, it’s called Next Generation CCTV, it’s in November, and we at I4S are supporting it, so I’d thoroughly recommend you find some way, no matter how difficult, to be there.

Recently, some of our more popular news stories have revolved around megapixel cameras. Others have focused on the modern phenomenon of metal and fuel theft. Another thing is railways. I am very pleased to announce that today we have a story which manages to combine all of these elements. Astonishing!

And importantly for all of us, Cranfield University is spearheading new research into identity theft prevention.

Over on the lovely www.jobsforsecurity.com, there’s some tremendous information on application forms and personal statements in job application situations. There’s no harm in looking!

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Chip and PIN badness and opinion artillery

Today industry doyen Alan Hyder uses his Editor’s View to blast out his opinion artillery, taking aim at think tanks, massaged crime figures, metal theft, operator-less CCTV – and the Beatles. Read the Security Installer editor’s column and gain valuable insights.

Chip and PIN was meant to be the solution to card fraud and other nefarious wrongdoings, but our story today covers brazen criminals who pocket card reading machines and install devices that record card numbers and PIN details, before dropping them back at retailers. Sneaky. And quite, quite evil.

There’s a bit of colour on I4S today with coverage of the London Mela, which was secured once again by AP Security.

Over on www.jobsforsecurity.com – which is a really, really great site about jobs for security – there’s been a bit of advice refreshment going on, tailored specifically to the security industry. Thinking of looking for a new job? Have a look at our careers section and get some advice on putting your CV together. That’s useful!

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