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Luxury hotel security, and a fake licence

Hi! Your missive is short and sweet today, like a sugar-coated pygmy marmoset. So let’s begin.

First up is a video interview with Andy Sloan. He’s the security and risk manager at The Dorchester hotel in London, which has recently had an upgrade involving kit from Milestone, Axis, ACTi, and Cisco, designed and installed by TM Security. They took me to a suite which costs £14,000 a night. It was such a ridiculous price that we moved to the basement for the interview.

Elsewhere today, there’s the tale of the doorman with a fake licence; some French casino IP excitement; a rail test for a hybrid recorder; and a website relaunch for eneo.

Take part in both our CCTV End User Survey, and the 2009 Security Excellence Awards. They both close for entries this Friday. Hurry!

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Obama and security and superheroes

A global focus for I4S today, as Brian Sims, in conjunction with John Honovich, reports on the possible security effects of Barack Obama’s victory in the US presidential election. I am contractually obliged to describe the event as ‘historic’.

And East meets Scandinavia in the latest piece of conclusive proof that the world is shrinking, with Chinese video surveillance firm Hikvision teaming up with Danish IP software experts Milestone to do some business.

Tomorrow is the day that the much anticipated Next Generation CCTV conference happens. It really does! We’ll have some reports and presentations available for your delectation over the ensuing days. Great!

And if you fancy getting involved in some conference action of your very own, why not make it a day or two out and attend Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters? It might well be the single best thing ever in the history of events based around the concept of impenetrability – and that includes superhero conferences about the secret lairs of their evil adversaries!

Fell free to visit these sites: info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk It’s almost as if they have something to do with The Alarmist! (They do.)

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The security week: SIA improvements, and megapixel dumpers

Today the National Audit Office has released its report into the SIA – and has recommended that private security businesses be registered to enable the Regulator to keep track of where licensed individuals are working.

And in the US, illegal rubbish dumpers have found a brand new nemesis: megapixel cameras. These cunningly camouflaged crimefighting machines are our modern day equivalents of the super heroes who dealt with most illicit activities up until the mid nineties, when cost-cutting and belt tightening put an end to their heroic ways.

The winners of the this year’s Security Excellence Awards have been rightly basking in the warming glow of their success. And they’re also pleased because the event raised quite a bit of money for industry charity Hear4U. Nice work.

The CCTV Doctor was back in his metaphorical practice this week, dispensing advice on public transport surveillance. Luckily his notes have been transcribed into legible English. Feel free to read it!

Elsewhere we’ve got my rundown of Milestone’s recent MIPS event; Alan Hyder’s view from the editor’s chair at Security Installer; and his report on the dye that’s leaving some unfortunate criminals in the red.

As it’s Friday, it’s Songs About Security time. This week’s offering comes from wildly misnamed trio The Thompson Twins. Crazy!

Don’t forget to register for any, or, indeed, all of these conferences: Next Generation CCTV, The Threat Within, Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, and Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management.

When that’s done, visit www.jobsforsecurity.com, because it’s a really really brilliant site for finding and posting security jobs. You’ll have a ball!

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Milestones, gas, and grinning winners

A gentlemen stands next to one of Copenhagen's rogue mermaids

A gentlemen stands next to one of Copenhagen's rogue mermaids

Today I myself bring you a story about the recent Milestone Integration Platform Symposium in Denmark’s famous Copenhagen. That city, I swear to you, is absolutely rife with mermaids, so much so that the government has declared them vermin and licensed practitioners are permitted to trap them and export the fishladies to countries where their novelty value is higher. Also, the Milestone event was very interesting.

We’ve got gas. That’s a story about an IndigoVision project which is apparently deploying the world’s largest wide-area IP system at a gas pipeline. It’s not about anything more base, I promise.

IndigoVision also feature in another great story on I4S today, about the happy winners of last week’s wonderful and superb Security Excellence Awards. If you’re a security company or in the industry you should really consider entering next year’s SEAs. They’re lovely.

And fresh from the pages of Security Installer magazine, Last Orders columnist Orson Carte appears to have had some potential success in his unorthodox quest to find love (or a wife).

Things to do today: visit the world’s most vivacious and attractive security jobs site, www.jobsforsecurity.com. You might get lucky. And further investigate the following conferences: Next Generation CCTV, The Threat Within, Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, and Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management. Excellent!

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Install and battery

Y’know, sometimes I think that we don’t talk about batteries enough – not just on I4S, but generally. Today we attempt to redress the balance somewhat with a story about the impact of a new EU directive on security installers. And yes, it’s battery-based!

They’re pretty progressive in Sweden, or so we’re led to believe. Cut-price supermarket chain Netto is certainly living the dream, installing IP cameras and video management software from Milestone to protect against all manner of retail badness.

And don’t forget that if you, like many others out there, hold concerns about ticket touts and their impact on safety at sports and entertainment events, then a read of Brian Sims’ Editor’s View column may help keep your blood simmering.

Later this year there’s a conference being held on Next Generation CCTV. We’re supporting it, so I obviously think it’d be a good idea to check it out.

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