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The security week: News and videos galore

It’s been an adrenaline-packed waterslide of a week for security news on I4S, and we’ve plucked the very firmest and juiciest pieces for your enjoyment and delectation, mixing and matching metaphors to our hearts‘ content. Here is some.

We’ve got a couple of contrasting videos to start things off. One is of a car crashing into a shop, caught on CCTV, which is commonly deployed in security applications these days.

The other is from the recent Security Excellence Awards 2009, where people in nice clothes received awards from pint-sized comedy legend Ronnie Corbett for being good at security this year. Prestigious!

Yesterday was the anniversary of the terror attacks in Mumbai, and our I4S India editor Verghese Joseph looked at both the ‘paradigm shift‘ for India’s security, and examines the changes the Indian government has put in place.

We’ve also got an opinion piece on selling your company to clients; a school using a plane as a classroom; the latest South Africa security news; the inimitable Brian Sims with his SMT Online Editor’s View; and the Co-operative Group’s search for the next big security idea.

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of demure songstress Samantha Fox. I wonder whatever happened to her.

Have a magnificent weekend.

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Secure tennis, and luxury hotels

If you like tennis, you may have been watching yesterday’s Wimbledon final, in which two tennis players competed against one another to win a match of tennis. Brian Sims reported on the security arrangements there.

Last year’s terror attacks in Mumbai brought the issue of luxury hotel security into the international spotlight. Now Frost & Sullivan says the issue is a global priority. It makes sound business sense to protect important guests.

Elsewhere today, a security director has been found guilty of working without a licence; the BSIA has spoken to anti-ID fraud MP Nigel Evans; and Paxton has launched what it claims is a ‘revolutionary’ new access product. High tech!

Internal Security? Despite the name, it’s got nothing to do with red blood cells versus white blood cells, or adding anti-intruder devices to your organs. It’s a show that’s co-located with IFSEC India. You should go to it! That’s Internal Security India 2009.

Also, why not have a vote in the security Manufacturer of the Year category in the 2009 Security Excellence Awards. Who wins? You decide! Along with quite a lot of other people. And entries for other categories should be coming in – the deadline is this Friday. Do so!

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