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The security week: Taxi-cams and holograms. And hair.

Oh wow. It’s the end of another security news week already. That happened quickly, huh? It’s amazing!

For everyone who is a fan of Taxicab Confessions, here’s a product: it’s the Taxi-Cam. Perhaps passengers will go incognito if cabs are equipped with these.

If taxicams aren’t your thing, perhaps you’re one of those futuristic types with an interest in holograms. You’re in luck if so – we have a story that is about them! It is also about sports merchandise.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has provided us with an in-depth look at the recent report on the Security Industry Authority, in his SMT Online Editor’s View. Serious stuff.

Also of great importance are Brian’s reports on the imminent UK elections, what with the party conferences taking place and that: here’s the business promises of the various parties; and a look at the Tories’ security plans. It’s big news.

Here at I4S, we really love Songs About Security, in case you didn’t know. Today’s effort comes from those hardcore gangstas, New Kids on the Block. Entertaining and educational.

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