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The security week: Securiplan fined, future CCTV, and Weird Work

A big ol’ week of news on info4security, kicked off with the announcement of Securiplan being fined for 19 counts of employing unlicensed officers, and ordered to pay the SIA’s legal costs. Dr Bernard Herdan has also been named interim SIA chief, following Mike Wilson’s sudden departure.

We also featured reports from the Next Generation CCTV conference. These included a look at video analytics by Patrick Meaney, and discussion of the Onvif group by Sony’s Simon Nash. Interesting! Also interesting will be upcoming conferences The Threat Within (next week!) and Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters (slightly later!)

Let me tell you this: Videoswitch has gone shopping and bought Quick CCTV. And G4Tec has partnered with Imprivata. Synergy!

Security Installer head honcho Alan Hyder has left an opinion-deposit all over the web in the form of his SI Editor’s View. It features valuable information about two intriguing subjects: booze and movies. Also, other topics are covered.

It’s Songs About Security day, so it must be Friday. I’m sorry to report that today’s offering comes from the abysmal Hard-Fi. Enjoy!

Finally, here is some important and exciting news. Excellent security jobs site Jobs for Security has not only provided us with a Featured Job – this time, it’s the coveted chance to be an Assistant Facilities Manager with delightful Essex County Council – they’ve gone ahead and allowed me to launch a new and potentially amusing section of the site.

It’s called Weird Work, and it’s your chance to let us know about the stranger or more unusual things you’ve been asked to do in the course of your working life. I’ve kicked it off with a bit about my encounter with an Icelandic halibut, and Jobs for Security advertising manager Jo Lancaster has contributed a tale of delivery misadventure. I’d love to make it the number one resource for ridiculous work-related stories, but that can only happen with your help. Read what we have to say, and then send your stories to webeditor@info4security.com.

You can remain anonymous if your story is hilariously humiliating. That’s a personal promise. Humiliation!

Visit info4security and ifsec.co.uk. And that Weird Work site I just mentioned. Go on.

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Video analytics and a world first

It’s all gone a little bit super-hyper-modern CCTV on I4S today – and, everyone agrees, that’s about as exciting as things can get in this topsy turvy world of ours.

So we’ve got a report from the Next Generation CCTV conference on Patrick Meaney’s video analytics musings – he thinks it’s a really very good thing. And just as well, too, being the founder of a website that is dedicated to that very topic. Relevant!

And Samsung Techwin have come out and claimed that their new dome camera is the first in the world to use a 37x optical zoom lens. Groundbreaking – though I feel genuinely sorry for the operator who accidentally zooms in on the acne-savaged visage of a troublesome youth. That’s possibly too close-up for comfort.

Elsewhere, the Kudos Group has gained the SIA’s Approved Contractor Status. I am contractually obliged to say this: Kudos to them. Kudos! And a new series of training DVDs has been launched for ‘entry-level’ door staff. There’s a link there to a video telling you how to shake hands!

Speaking of shaking hands, if you would rather not have anyone get that close to you, you should consider attending Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. It’s not just for paranoid agoraphobics, though – security professionals are being actively encouraged to attend!

These lovely websites are yours to peruse: ifsec.co.uk and info4security.com.

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Open houses, fines and diamonds

News galore on I4S today. Alan Hyder brings us a report direct from last week’s Next Generation CCTV conference, where Sony’s Simon Nash assured the audience that the Onvif network video standards forum would be ‘truly open’ to all.

And Securiplan has copped a fairly sizable fine for using unlicensed employees – £95,000, plus £550,000 in costs. Ouch. Something to make the SIA a little happier after last week’s events, perhaps?

They always say that biometric access control readers are a girl’s best friend. But what happens if the reader is damaged by dirt and grease? The girl gets very upset, that’s what. Luckily there is now a ‘diamond coating’ to protect this rather sensitive area.

Don’t forget to get involved with our upcoming conferences. These include The Threat Within, which deals with employee vetting, and seems particularly apt in light of the SIA security checks brouhaha; and Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, which deals with access and protection. They seem intriguing!

Also, if you would like a new job, why not try this one? It seems perfect, especially if you are good at or experienced in security training. There are also other jobs currently being advertised on handy security jobs site, Jobs for Security. Gainful employment!

Feel free to visit info4security and ifsec.co.uk. I ain’t stoppin’ ya.

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The security week: The president, the chief exec, and the alliance

A momentous week of change and a new mood of global cooperation and alliance – that’s right, SIA chief Mike Wilson has been asked to step down, and Panasonic and Sanyo are looking into joining forces. Oh, and there was some election that happened in the US, too.

We’ve got all the latest on the Security Industry Authority story, where chief executive Mike Wilson has been shown the door after a couple of damaging reports showing security mess-ups within the Regulator itself, as well as the call for improvement from the National Audit Office. Our conference on The Threat Within seems more relevant and important by the day, wouldn’t ya say?

There’s up to the minute detail on the Panasonic and Sanyo ‘alliance’ discussion talks, and Brian Sims and John Honovich look into the potential security industry impact of the Obama presidency.

There are also the first two in a series of reports from the 2008 Skills for Security conference – and we’ll have all the coverage from our Next Generation CCTV conference as well.

The latest Bench Tests are available for your perusal – that’s the VDP20 dome from deView and the NVR-4000 from Plustek.

And in an effort to perk up the spirits of the SIA, this week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of smooth-voiced lotharios Warren G and Nate Dogg. Regulate.

In these economically-challenged times, having a job of employment is one of those things that is not only really great and cool, but also useful. Wonderful security jobs website Jobs for Security is here to help you in your quest to become great and cool and useful. One of the greatest, and coolest jobs available at the moment is our Job of the Week – it’s your chance to become a Training Officer with Advance Security, and it sounds excellent. Excellent!

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Training training training

We’ve gone skills and training crazy today on the internet’s favourite and most charming security website, info4security.com. Why? Because that’s what’s happening. That’s why.

First up is the actually the first article in a series of interesting reports and presentations direct from the 2008 Skills for Security conference. Today, Guy Mathias looks at whether training really has improved. What are his conclusions? You’ll need to go ahead and read the article to find out. It’s quite easy to do so!

Before today I was unaware that I was not an accredited person. That seems sad. But it’s not really. An Accredited Person is actually someone that the Association of Chief Police Officers allows to do certain things – and now there’s a fast track course for licensed officers to achieve this status. ACPO!

There’s also some detail about SEA winner Scyron being taken under the wing of software behemoth Microsoft in a mutually beneficial deal. That’s nice.

Don’t forget that the Next Generation CCTV conference is happening today, so we’ll have some interesting – nay, thrilling! – bits and pieces of news and opinion from that particular event up on the site soon.

It’s your right to visit these here world wide websites: info4security, and IFSEC. Right!

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Obama and security and superheroes

A global focus for I4S today, as Brian Sims, in conjunction with John Honovich, reports on the possible security effects of Barack Obama’s victory in the US presidential election. I am contractually obliged to describe the event as ‘historic’.

And East meets Scandinavia in the latest piece of conclusive proof that the world is shrinking, with Chinese video surveillance firm Hikvision teaming up with Danish IP software experts Milestone to do some business.

Tomorrow is the day that the much anticipated Next Generation CCTV conference happens. It really does! We’ll have some reports and presentations available for your delectation over the ensuing days. Great!

And if you fancy getting involved in some conference action of your very own, why not make it a day or two out and attend Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters? It might well be the single best thing ever in the history of events based around the concept of impenetrability – and that includes superhero conferences about the secret lairs of their evil adversaries!

Fell free to visit these sites: info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk It’s almost as if they have something to do with The Alarmist! (They do.)

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CCTV for Scottish shoppers – and gold!

Shopping. It’s the process of handing over currency in exchange for goods and services, and is a cornerstone of the capitalist system. It’s particularly important if we are to acquire foodstuffs and other goods. One of the places Scottish people – and people in Glasgow who are not necessarily Scottish (the centre does not discriminate) – can now go to do shopping is Silverburn. While they are there they will be protected by CCTV equipment from Vicon and Cortech. Tremendous!

ATEC Security seem to have the Midas touch of late. Not only have they walked away with a 2008 Security Excellence Award, they’ve also attained the NSI’s NACOSS Gold standard. Auspicious!

An organisation which is no stranger to either security or institutes is the Security Institute. The good folks at the SyI have moved into new offices, which are now officially open. Semi-rural!

And don’t forget about next week’s scintillating conference about next generation CCTV, called Next Generation CCTV. There’s still time to register, and it looks set to be the best conference on this topic ever at any time in the history of the world. And bear in mind, I abhor exaggeration. Get involved!

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