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The security week: Norbain, regulation, and useful advice

Hello there – welcome to another news-stuffed weekly missive from your pals at info4security. Let’s newsify!

The big news this week was Norbain’s announcement of its capital restructuring. SMT Online editor Brian Sims had the exclusive. Make sure you read it here.

We’ve also got some video footage of interim CCTV Regulator Andrew Rennison explaining what his role will entail. That’s a video worth watching, I daresay.

There are useful words of advice from both Phil Doyle, The Networker, on outdoor IP CCTV; and from Iain Cameron of Mirasys, who discusses video storage. Helpful.

 The BSIA has this week weighed in on the Jeremy Clarkson security guards criticism farrago – which Brian Sims addressed in his column almost three weeks ago. Read Brian’s original piece here – then see what the BSIA has to say.

IFSEC 2010 is approaching more rapidly the closer it gets, you’ll be surprised to discover. We’ve got new preview details from Panasonic, NICE, IC2 CCTV, Connexion 2, and Databac – all situated conveniently in our dedicated IFSEC news channel.

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of much-loved Welsh 90s indie-poppers Catatonia. It concerns organised crime.

Make sure you head over to Jobs for Security for all the latest security jobs – and to advertise your own vacancies.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

Here is a video of an artiste exploring the much maligned ‘hambone’ medium. Enjoy!

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Pizzas and security etc.

Today! Yikes, more stories of newsiness and suchlike. Way to go, I4S. You ARE ready for this jelly!

Why not examine Brian Sims’ latest opinionisation in his SMT Online Editor’s View?

Then check out the way that Romad is helping to protect Domino’s pizza delivery drivers. Conscientous!

A couple of distribution appointments: Mirasys gets into bed with Norbain (figuratively); and Northgate gets Panasonic’s education sector business.

There’s also the ASC with G4S Technology speakers at its Business Club; and ASIS International hosting an Information Assets Protection conference.

This is a cat sitting in a sub-woofer. Bye!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Locksmiths and HMV

Hello, pals! Here’s your daily dose of security newsology. Honk!

According to the Master Locksmiths Association – famous for their ‘lock and key’ parties [not really] – 85 per cent of lock safety advice is unsatisfactory. Bad retail staff!

And we’ve got an exclusive story about HMV’s new ‘non-confrontational’ interview technique to prevent employee fraud. Fab!

There’s also some strong opinion on vehicle and plant theft; Axis lets us know the winners of its service partner programme awards; and Steve Bailey has taken on the employee screening and vetting mantle at G4S.

 In our intruder alarm section we’ve got an application story from Luminite, active in Northern Ireland, as well as Norbain marketing Siemens’ Intrunet E-Line Detector range. Rockin’!

And over on I4S India, the delightful dedicated Indian security news channel, we’ve got Australia studying Commonwealth Games security concerns – and a tightening up for security of scientists following terrorist threats.


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Norbain’s Alun John on CCTV

A big exclusive for I4S today, with SMT Online editor Brian Sims interviewing Norbain honcho Alun John about the current state of CCTV – and the outcome of our recent CCTV End User Survey. The only place you can read the interview is right here. Yep!

Also today the one and only Gerard Honey is talking apprenticeships and training for security installation engineers. Check out his words of wisdom here.

And Mitie has just increased the scope of its work with giant Cable & Wireless. That’s some big buckaroos there.

Elsewhere there’s a hard rockin’ hotel; a look at IT outsourcing, recession-style; and some added security for a listed building. Also, there’s more!

I4S: it’s the world’s most trusted source of delicious and nutritious security information.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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When stadiums grow up

Apparently today in London there is some kind of tuba chaos. Weird!

Anyway – security news. Here it is! That Millennium Stadium in Cardiff has gone and had a CCTV facelift, in time for its tenth birthday. They grow up so fast these days, the young ‘uns.

And Norbain is continuing to sponsor the CameraWatch initiative. Nice!

Also, Brivo is securing a housing association; and Samsung Techwin has provided a total CCTV solution for a St Albans building. That’s big of them!

If you’re a CCTV end user, you should take our CCTV End User Survey. We made it, shaped it and perfected it just for you!

Another good thing to do is to enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009. People of all genders will swoon as soon as they find out that you are in the running for these super-prestigious prizes. True.

Also true: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: IFSEC 2009 special

Hello. I am sitting in bed as I type this. Truly. It’s not because the powers that be at I4S Towers have installed bunks and have us working around the clock in some kind of prison-camp style arrangement. No, it’s because security shindig IFSEC 2009 finished up yesterday, and I’m knackered.

As a consequence, our theme this week is ‘relaxation‘.

But it’s been anything but relaxing at the NEC Birmingham this week. And we’ve been there the whole time, diligently covering all the action with assorted high-tech tools and good old-fashioned trudging around and scrawling in notepads.

SMT Online supremo Brian Sims hosted numerous discussion and briefings and high-end talks – but still found time to keep all and sundry updated via the magic of Twitter. Find him at twitter.com/smtonlineeditor.

Security Installer boss Alan Hyder brought us a veritable tsunami of news excitement, including this piece on Norbain honcho Alun John’s observations of the state of the CCTV market, and details of Dedicated Micros’ strategy for the year ahead.

I contributed a techno-splodge of video items and photo galleries. These included bits from Cisco Systems, Samsungs Techwin and Electronics, Axis Communications, and a quick demo of an IFSEC Award-winning product from Concept Smoke Screen.

Speaking of the IFSEC 2009 Security Industry Awards – they happened! Oh yes. Hosted by John Sergeant. We had all the winners first! And a photo gallery of beautiful people. As well as some from the security industry. Ha ha ha. I jest. Or do I? Yes, I do.

We’ll have much more from IFSEC 2009 over the coming days and weeks, so keep coming back to info4security.com for your security news fix, information junkies.

I’m going to continue to have a decent lie down. See you next week. Here are some tigers and pumpkins.

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The security week: Quivering in anticipation of IFSEC edition

Well ok. It’s almost here. This, ladies and gents, is your final I4S missive before the big one, the papa-san, el jefe, the security archbishop – IFSEC – kicks off next Monday. I’m thrilled and excited beyond the realms of human description. It’s like being on a first date with a huge, all-powerful, slightly intimidating security event. Or something. Ahem.

But before we get to the IFSEC exhilaration, we need to pause for a moment in recognition of the fact that the Security Industry Authority in the UK has decided not to go ahead with in-house security officer licensing. Is that a mistake?

Brian Sims thinks so, as he outlines in his SMT Online Editor’s View. He also talks about the Government’s proposed ID card launch – which was criticised this week by TSSI.

Brian was at the helm this week of our very first webinar, which focused on HD and IP CCTV. You can register and access the webinar at your leisure by moseying on down to this very link. Clever!

And yesterday Westminster Council launched its first mobile CCTV unit. It’s highly technologically advanced. I doubt there are any gremlins in the system.

So. IFSEC. Did you know that if you visit the show – at Birmingham’s NEC, no less – and drop by the I4S stand at I20, Hall 4, you can win a brand new iPod Nano simply by voting for your favourite Song About Security? Well, you can. This week’s tune comes courtesy of the Manic Street Preachers. Nifty.

This is interesting: after deciding to sit out this year’s event, Norbain has confirmed that it will be back at IFSEC next year. Lovely.

We’ll be at the show all next week, and we will be employing cutting edge, zeitgeist-friendly new media technologies to cover it. And by that, I mean Twitter. Follow myself, Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder. If you so desire. You can also join the IFSEC 2009 LinkedIn group. And you can visit info4security.com any time you like, really.

Of course there’ll be I4S Daily Digests featuring the pick of the day’s stories – but these might be out a little later than normal. Alternately, why not subscribe to the I4S RSS feed? News headlines right to your RSS reading device type thing! Crazy.

See you on the other side.

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The return of Norbain – and a lack of panic

A boost for next week’s amazing and wonderful security trade show IFSEC, with the news that major UK distributor Norbain will be returning to exhibit at the event next year. The company’s MD Alun John explained to our own Alan Hyder Norbain’s long term plans a few months ago.

And a new study has found that there was “no mass panic” during the 7/7 London bombings. Which shows that people are generally more sensible and intelligent than movies would have you believe.

Over on our I4S India channel, there are calls for a national security strategy from the country’s premier trade body, Nasscom. Intriguing.

If you’re planning on visiting IFSEC this year, you should definitely visit I4S on stand I20 in Hall 4. You can sign up for exciting and educational newsletters very much like this one – and there’ll be a chance to win an EXCITING PRIZE as well. More details tomorrow. Tantalising!

Skronk: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: A cause for optimism?

It’s Friday. That’s a fact! (Unless you are reading this on any other day of the week.) I sincerely hope the week has not left you exhausted. Or pining for excessive quantities of alcohol. Let’s turn that frown upside down. Let’s get security newstastic!

First up is some breaking news about a survey suggesting there’s some cause for optimism in the UK security and fire industries. Misguided, or realistic?

We had our first look at Norbain’s new budget Xeno range in a Bench Test of the XDR04-250 DVR. How’d it fare? Naughty, or nice? If you read the article you will find out more about this very topic.

It’s good to be green. People believe this. So this solar CCTV installation must be good, right? Right?

Looking for advice? We’ve got it. How about Jon’s Top 5 tips for CCTV types? And some words of wisdom from our Access Control Doctor? That’s useful stuff.

Speaking of useful, the NSI has provided some suggestions for improved home security. It’s information worth celebrating. And it has a picture of an actual burglar-type caught in the act.

There are some things you should do simply because they just make sense. One of these things is to register for our free (sorry, I meant FREE) webinar, which happens next week. It’s all about HD and IP CCTV. The speakers are very informative. And the knowledge you can gain would be a great asset to any security professional. Register now!

Hoorah! www.info4security.com, and www.ifsec.co.uk!

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Budget kit – and the Budget

Being back at work after the weekend is no laughing matter – but we’ve got a wealth of super interesting and exciting security news to add a little sparkle to your week of (possible) drudgery. If my employers are reading this, I’m personally delighted to be back in the office. Honestly.

Having just about got away with that, let’s move on to the topic everyone can’t stop talking about – our new Bench Test. This time around we have our first look at Norbain’s new cost-conscious Xeno line of CCTV equipment, in the shape of its XDR04 DVR. Nice assessment!

And following that look at some budget kit, we’ve got a security-oriented look at the Budget itself, handed down last week by UK Chancellor Alistair Darling. Paula Tallon tells all.

Jon Hill of Mirasys UK begins his regular series of installer advice columns – Jon’s Top 5. This time he’s looking at IP CCTV.

You know, one of the themes of today’s missive has been cost-effectiveness and budgeting. (The others are security, IP CCTV, looking inside digital video recorders, and complaining about having to work.) And you can’t get any more cost-effective than something that is TOTALLY FREE*. An excellent free thing is our new webinar, which focuses on IP and HD CCTV. If you’re reading this, it seems likely that you have a computer. In that case, you should really go and register for it. It’s free!

*Unless someone gave you some money for no reason, I suppose. But that seems unlikely.

In that case – or even if not: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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