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The security week: Remote maintenance, Registers, and retirement

Air hair lair. Welcome to this week’s digested security news missive, coming at you direct from the operations room in I4S Towers. Let’s get newsy.

There are a whole bunch of big stories vying for your attention. First metaphorical cab off the rank is Tony Makosinski from Honeywell, who says that some installers are not taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to them by remote maintenance. Find out more by clicking here.

Also this week SMT Online honcho Brian Sims brought us a report on the new plans for a UK Register of Chartered Security Professionals/Practitioners (might have to be a bit more decisive on the naming there, chaps!). Read all about it here.

And the National Security Inspectorate’s chief Andrew White has decided to retire. We’ve got the details, a look back at White’s career, and some industry reaction – all accessible by clicking here.

Knowing what’s popular is great, right? That’s why we are such avid consumers of lists explaining ‘What’s Hot’ (the sun; radiators; an ironmonger’s forge) and ‘What’s Not’ (snow; Pluto; Thatcher). Where would we be without such indicators? Here’s another one: it’s the best read stories on info4security during June 2010. Interesting.

We’ve also got news of some acquisitions by Rentokil Initial; a bit of crystal ball gazing about the future of CCTV; an international view at the SIA’s Stakeholder Conference; and an IFSEC 2010 wrap-up, along with Norbain’s IFSEC competition winners.

The deadline for 2010’s Security Excellence Awards is looming. Looming! Like that loom of doom in the film ‘Wanted’. Not really. That is a ridiculous film. More like some top notch awards offering the possibility of oodles of industry kudos. Enter them! Read more about the whole thing here.

Our Song About Security this week comes from legendary geek rockers They Might Be Giants. I’m insisting that it’s somehow about network security, in order to fit it into this feature.

Here is a child who is learning very quickly about the horrors of ageing. And here is a man who is very frustrated at a shopping mall being closed. He indulges in some bad language, so be warned.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: 2010 Vision, back lighting, and looking back

Hola! That’s Spanish for ‘howdy‘. It’s also the first word in this week’s security news missive, packed to the gills full of informative and interesting stuff, things, and whatnot.

First cab off the rank is SMT Online editor Brian Sims, who reports direct from Turkey on Samsung’s Vision Conference – and their plans for 2010. This report features video content. Video!

Brian also supplied us with his SMT Online Editor’s View – this week he examined a BBC documentary looking at the goings on in the UK Home Office. Salient!

Also in residence is our CCTV Doctor, providing advice this time around on CCTV back lighting. That’s some useful info, right there.

For many years Mike Lynskey has been a respected and experienced figure in the UK installation sector, most recently working for the NSI, and writing often for Security Installer magazine. Here, as he prepares for retirement, he looks back on his time in the industry – and the changes that have taken place in that period.


Important! Time is running out to get your entries in for the IFSEC 2010 Security Industry Awards. Click this link here to get involved. Most categories are open to companies exhibiting at the show – but there are also three open to non-exhibitors as well. You’ll receive mega-kudos if your company gets nominated, let alone wins. So do it. Do it!


Also in the news this week was Siemens at school in Newcastle; a Port Glasgow security boss fined; a starring role for Hikvision at Universal Studios; and a vote of confidence in manned guarding from Magenta Security boss Abbey Petkar.

Our Song About Security this week comes from little-known conservative singer songwriter Elton John. It says some important things about the modern world, despite being 37 years old.

And if you’re looking for a job in security, I recommend visiting Jobs For Security. It’s a security jobs website! Great.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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BSIA action with guarding standards and strategy

Excitingly, we’ve got not one, but TWO BSIA-related stories for your delectation today. We spoil you, I know. But you deserve it.

Fist up is one that came in late yesterday – it’s the BSIA, NSI and Skills for Security getting together to create a high-level ‘differentiating’ standard for the guarding industry. Good?

Then there’s Tim Geddes, discussing the future strategy of the BSIA’s Security Systems Section, or SSS. The extra ‘S’ is what differentiates their abbreviation from that of a somewhat more infamous organisation.

G4S has also been involved in a groundbreaking poetry book project, involving young offenders. Literaturally!

Don’t forget about MITIE renewing a contract to secure the Thames Barrier; an Iron Man all set to protect some Welsh homes; and the stolen fleet vehicle that was recovered in just 30 minutes thanks to Masternaut. Driven to succeed, or something!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Lifesaving, biometrics and Bench Tests

It’s the end of another security week, and we’re bursting at the seams with newsy goodness. Let’s explore a little further, shall we?

Heading up the list are the Pilgrims officers who saved a contractor’s life. Damn fine work, sirs! Hopefully they receive some kind of bonus..

Also! Here is our good old pal the Access Control Doctor. Hello, Access Control Doctor! What are we talking about this time? It’s biometrics. Good!

It’s also time for another Bench Test. This one is of a Genie network dome. What the heck did our experts think of it? Click on this very link to discover for your own self.

And SMT Online editor Brian Sims has reported on the NSI’s new Contract Quality Marque – he also brought us the industry’s reaction to the move. Splendid stuff!

This week’s Song About Security comes from Ms Tina Arena, and is all about chains and suchlike.

Have a great weekend, folks.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Life savers and Contract Quality

It’s a blitzkrieg of exciting and dynamic security news stories on I4S today, so block your ears, take cover, and enjoy the show.

First up are some bona fide heroes – officers from Pilgrims who saved a contractor’s life. Kudos!

SMT Online editor Brian Sims was at the official launch of the National Security Inspectorate’s Contract Quality Marque yesterday. He reports on the security guarding scheme – and gauges the industry reaction.

In other exciting editorial action, Security Installer skipper Alan Hyder has donned his metaphorical sou’wester, loaded up on Fisherman’s Friends, and boarded the good ship SI Editor’s View, setting sail for dangerous waters full of security issue fish – with only opinion and analysis for bait. Can he land some big ones? Read the column and find out.

Don’t forget you can catch all of our IFSEC India 2009 coverage here; and relive the glory of the Security Excellence Awards through our winners and attendees galleries. Stupendous!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Fresh faces and lowlife scumbags

We welcome a new face to the info4security family today, in the form of Andrew Seldon, editor of South Africa’s Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine. Andrew will be providing us with regular updates on security news in the south of the African continent. Here’s his first instalment.

We’ve also got the National Security Inspectorate’s reaction to the £5m grant fund for UK small retailers to improve security. In a nutshell? Cautious!

Everyone likes the environment, apart from evil criminals. TSS has helped to nab some of these lowlife scumbags. Useful.

And an armed criminal (as opposed to an amputee criminal, perhaps) has been convicted with help from Identicom and G4S ARC. Bad criminal.

We’ve also got Secured by Design accreditation for CCTV in Focus; an acquisition for CFS; and some security excitement in Oman. Oh man.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Policing, opinion, and Supertron

We’re in the midst of what might be the entirety of the UK summer this week, and despite having a little time off, tireless Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has submitted his SI Editor’s View column. This time he’s talking about family business, weak and strong security companies, and ID cards for school kids. What a guy!

Alan’s counterpart on the security management side, SMT Online editor Brian Sims, today looks at the Home Affairs Select Committee report into police tactics at April’s G20 protests. He’s also been to the Annual Luncheon of the Association of Security Consultants. Here’s his report.

Also today there’s Mike Lynsky of the NSI on the driving habits of engineers; James Passingham on open source IP network security; and David Ting on the dangers posed to organisations by employee data theft – particularly during the recession.

Excellently, we have a story on our I4S India channel about a company called Supertron. Nothing to do with this guy, apparently.

Go on then: take our CCTV End User Survey. And enter the Security Excellence Awards. Persons of great standing and authority inform me that you need to be ‘in it‘ to ‘win it‘.

So worth your while, man: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: A cause for optimism?

It’s Friday. That’s a fact! (Unless you are reading this on any other day of the week.) I sincerely hope the week has not left you exhausted. Or pining for excessive quantities of alcohol. Let’s turn that frown upside down. Let’s get security newstastic!

First up is some breaking news about a survey suggesting there’s some cause for optimism in the UK security and fire industries. Misguided, or realistic?

We had our first look at Norbain’s new budget Xeno range in a Bench Test of the XDR04-250 DVR. How’d it fare? Naughty, or nice? If you read the article you will find out more about this very topic.

It’s good to be green. People believe this. So this solar CCTV installation must be good, right? Right?

Looking for advice? We’ve got it. How about Jon’s Top 5 tips for CCTV types? And some words of wisdom from our Access Control Doctor? That’s useful stuff.

Speaking of useful, the NSI has provided some suggestions for improved home security. It’s information worth celebrating. And it has a picture of an actual burglar-type caught in the act.

There are some things you should do simply because they just make sense. One of these things is to register for our free (sorry, I meant FREE) webinar, which happens next week. It’s all about HD and IP CCTV. The speakers are very informative. And the knowledge you can gain would be a great asset to any security professional. Register now!

Hoorah! www.info4security.com, and www.ifsec.co.uk!

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Fly-tipping and burglarising

Yikes! It’s security news excitement time again. Dive in!

Everyone likes the environment. If you dislike the environment, you’re a terrible person. I’m sorry, but that’s accepted wisdom. That’s why it’s nice to see some solar-powered CCTV getting in on the anti-fly-tipping action. Green power!

And we’ve got some advice from those friendly people at the NSI on avoiding household burglary. The story is accompanied by a photo of an actual burglar in action stealing a set of keys! If only the photographer had shown some crimefighting nous and slammed the window on the burglar’s arm.

Also today, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder swoops low and deposits his metaphorical opinion load on the burning forest of security issues (also metaphorical) in his SI Editor’s View. This week he argues that the time may have come for security firms to use increasing crime figures as a marketing tool for their services.

And please, whatever you do, make sure you get yourself registered for our HD and IP CCTV webinar. It’s not only high-tech, it’s downright educational.

Ahoy hoy hoy: www.info4security.com, then www.ifsec.co.uk, then off for a nice cup of tea.

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Police nightclubs and rogue companies

Well well well. Today’s exciting story with a picture featuring a luminescent shoe is about a man who stole from a Woolworths store and was convicted using SmartWater forensic DNA evidence. It’s very interesting. But the accompanying imagery also leads me to think that police may be able to catch criminals by inviting suspects to large nightclubs fitted with special lights, where the thieves and vagabonds could dance the night away, unaware that their next evening out could be a date with the electric chair! (Or, more likely, some kind of holding cell.) Let’s hope the good people at SmartWater develop this concept, and quickly.

Also happening is the ongoing campaign in Strathclyde, where the SIA, local police and others have looked into rogue security companies, with officers charged with licensing breaches, immigration offences, and working while claiming benefits. I am unsure if any one officer was able to claim the hat trick.

And staying north of the border (that’s the border between Scotland and England, in this particular case), SCS Security Design have gone ahead and got themselves NACOSS Gold accredited. Classy!

Two things of absolutely vital importance. Number one: get involved with the conference Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, the number one conference about impenetrable buildings and perimeters.

Number two: submit your Weird Work story to the Weird Work stories section on jobs site Jobs for Security. Like a beautiful flower, this project will only grow through your fertilisation. Hurrah!

Here’s the thing: visit info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk and jobsforsecurity.com and we’ll keep our little secret between us, shall we?


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