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Financial meltdowns and luxury hotels

Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year. While I’d say that’s pretty northern hemisphere-centric, we’re here to cheer up any morose readers with an injection of fun-filled and exciting security news.

First up is a very interesting piece on the potential impact of the global global finafinancial instability on issues of security and risk around the world. It’s timely, and it’s totally, like, considered.

In these perilous financial times it might be wise of a new luxury hotel in Qatar to equip itself with state of the art security systems. I’m just saying.

We’ve also got a story which contains a ‘dirty little secret‘. Filthy. You’ll be titillated to know it’s about passwords, and IT, and that sort of thing. Phwoar.

And speaking of IT, if you missed it, our special feature on the potential impact of Cisco in the security field is bound to be of unending interest. You will never grow tired of it. Never!

That reminds me of a funny story about Securing Educational Establishments. It’s this conference, right, and anyway, it goes up to Birmingham on the 5th of March, and has all these interesting discussions about security for educational establishments, and in the end, something amusing happens. Ha! You’ll probably have to be there.

Also worth your visual attention are these things: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Yowsa!

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SIA licensing news, the megapixel future, and spamspamspam

Today brings news of a new service from the SIA which is designed to speed up licence applications by way of direct link between digital passports and the application process.

There’s also details on a 60 megapixel mobile camera unit being used for mapping purposes – could it point the way forward for evidential quality mobile CCTV?

Marc Boroditsky argues that we could be seeing the death of passwords in IT security tasks, while there’s also a report suggesting that 29 per cent of internet users have purchased products or services from spam emails. That number seems ridiculously high to me – but maybe I’m underestimating the number of gullible fools there are out there. (Apologies if this applies to you.)

The good times and career advice keep coming over at www.jobsforsecurity.com – in addition to yesterday’s CV info, you could do worse than read up on his best buddy, the covering letter. It’s the postal superhighway!

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