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Security Swann time

A swan, yesterday (not involved in security industry, sadly)

A swan, yesterday (not involved in security industry, sadly)

Well yes indeed – it’s Monday, and there are a whole swag of stories on I4S just hanging around seductively, waiting for you to devour them with your eyes. Or something.

Because there are so darned many, I’m going to go ahead and kinda list ‘em, highlights-style.

–         There’s a Salto access system for a blind care home

–         A G4S report says crime against large retailers is perceived as ‘victimless’

–         Data Protection Act breaches of up to £500,000 to be ratified

–         Paxton and Pelco enter integration partnership

–         Mobotix and Dalycom help protect school

–         Axis begins 2010 with triple product launch

–         Swann accepts senior appointment at Chiron (that’s a man whose surname is Swann – if an actual swan had taken on a senior role at a security firm, you better believe I’d be giving it blanket coverage. And by that I don’t mean covering it with a blanket etc.)

–         ASIS Foundation publishes CRISP report on burglary prevention

–         Chubb sports advanced CCTV at Wright Robinson College

–         Magenta wins green award

–         Westminster Group contract to supply UK prisons

Exciting, huh? Yes.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: The goodbye Alan issue

Welcome to December, weekly security news digest aficionados. It’s great to see your smiling faces. Even yours.

Today’s missive is, in part, a tribute to Security Installer editor Alan Hyder, who leaves us today after 15 years at the helm of the magazine. Alan is well-loved and respected throughout the security industry, and will be missed greatly – not least by myself.

I’ve worked with Alan for over five years now, firstly as assistant editor on Security Installer, and now on info4security. He has always been a great source of advice and encouragement, and always ready with a joke in a stressful situation. Also in a non-stressful situation. He is also irresistible to ladies. Fact.

Here’s Alan’s last SI Editor’s View column – and, as a very special mark of respect, I’ve allowed him to select this week’s Song About Security. Tributes don’t come any more spectacular and glamorous than that.

In other news this week, we’ve had our latest Bench Test hit the site. This time it’s the Vidilanz Xtern-Cam outdoor wireless camera. How did it fare etc? Find out by clicking and reading!

And why not check out some CCTV footage of a meteor in the South African night sky? It’s dead impressive.

You can also investigate the best read stories on I4S in November; the Home Office releasing its policing white paper; and ADI and Pelco working together in an IP kinda fashion. Heavyweight security news for the discerning professional.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Meteors and cyclists

Greetings, security newsmates. It’s Monday afternoon, and thus time for your regular dose of security news excitement. Here goes!

CCTV has been in the news in South Africa – catching a meteor lighting up the sky above Gauteng (and, if we’re being honest, probably some other places as well). Have a look at it here.

AP Security have been busy this year – and their work at Glastonbury has been one of our most read stories – and now we’ve got another thing about what they did for the Tour of Britain. Cycling!

There’s also an IP distribution deal for EMEA between ADI and Pelco; a big RFID deal in Germany; Flir thermal cameras to be distributed by Videor in the UK; and a big chunk of extra recording capacity for a Samsung Techwin DVR. Bulging!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Cisco, Pelco, BSIA, and locks

Hello hello hello hello hello! Welcome to your weekly digest of all that’s going down in the security news world.

Here’s Cisco and Pelco getting together, having fun, maybe enjoying a beverage or two, and then signing a strategic technology agreement on IP CCTV. Way to go? Maybe!

The BSIA has released the results of its BT 21CN testing stuff. Read all about it and check it out and this sort of thing!

Here is a story: it’s about well hung locks. In a sense.

Oh, also, there are some new qualifications going from G4S and some university academical types. Do you want some? Do you? You might need to contact them, in that case.

This week’s Song About Security is a special request for a very special industry figure. What is it? Click the link to find out. It’s my way of trying to make you visit our website.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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SIA report, and Cisco loves Pelco

A big day of security news – so no time to waste. Let’s do this thing.

First up, the Security Industry Authority has been reported on. Find out what the reporters had to say about ’em. Here is where the story is. Click it!

Then there’s the coming together of two big players in a technological marriage of CCTV proportions: Cisco and Pelco. Both of these firms have names which finish with the letter ‘o’.

Everybody likes some video analytics. Do security officers? Perhaps! Geoff Thiel tells us about this.

BT Redcare called off their big 21CN switchover recently. Now they’re talking to customers and other folks at a series of events. Details? Oh, certainly.

And fast-rising Chinese CCTV manufacturer Hikvision has released some new PSIA-compliant cameras. Good value? They certainly have standards.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Knife crime, access action, and the Queen’s panel

We’ve jumped out of the blocks at startling and impressive speed this week here at I4S, with security news stories straining every sinew to get to your computer in world record time. We’ll let you know about the results of any post-race testing.

Steve Collins is in fine form today. The weapons-related criminality expert says it’s time adequate training was given to security officers to help them deal with knife crime.

We reported a little while ago that Pelco was leaving the access control business. Now they’ve gone and sold their Intelli-M access business to Infinias. There’s the exit!

Fire panel company Kentec has gone all posh and fancy. They’ve got a Royal Warrant from the Queen. It’s the panel she insists on installing herself, apparently.

Meanwhile, Honeywell has signed an agreement with Computerlinks to distribute its IP security products in the UK and Ireland; and the BSIA has kindly provided us with another of its regular news round-ups.

Make sure you visit our new, dedicated Indian security channel, I4S India. Today there’s an article on tackling terrorism on the railways.

Then go ahead and book yourself a place at the IFSEC Conference 2009. If you’re not there, there is a slight chance that you will fall into a deep depression that will preclude your involvement in any joyful or celebratory moments in the lives of your friends, family and colleagues, due to your unpopular and anti-social moroseness. A slight chance!

Whatsamatter you? Eh? www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk. Hey!

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The security week: Gurkhas, access exit, and opinion onslaught

In the UK, it has been a snowy week. In other parts of the world, it has been sunny. These are the crazy and mindbending contradictions that we must all learn to adapt to if we are to survive in the modern world.

Hello. On the world’s best-loved and most excellent security news website – that’s info4security – we’ve had a lot of interest in a story about a G4S Gurkha Services boss performing some street crimebusting heroics.

It was also the week that Pelco announced it would be exiting the access control business, to focus on its core CCTV concern. That’s some ‘current economic climate‘ stuff right there.

There’s also been some big IFSEC news. You know IFSEC, right? That massive exhibition and conference that is renowned throughout the world as pretty much the single best thing in the security industry ever. That’s the one. Well, Bosch has confirmed its commitment to the shindig; and the conference programme has been revealed. Good!

Opinions and analysis. Both are lovely, life-enriching things, and you can read some of them via the medium of our mentally nutritious Editor’s Views. This week there’s one from SMT Online editor Brian Sims; and there’s another from Security Installer editor Alan Hyder. Topical tag team-tastic. That’s some bonus alliteration for you.

Brian also suggests that you should support quality charity Help for Heroes. Pilgrims Group is.

I have decided today to steal some sunshine. Not literally, that would be ridiculous! And possibly illegal. No, it’s actually a reference to this week’s Song About Security. You should watch and listen to it.

I sincerely wish you a wonderful weekend of laughter and fun and dancing. Go for it!

And www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Snow, and access exit, and IFSEC conference

Greetings from snowy London. There’s been a bit of precipitation, and suddenly the whole city has ground to a halt. That’s progress for ya!

Never fear, though, as info4security.com is still delivering fresh and tasty security news direct to your doorstep.

So, for example, here’s the tale of Pelco’s decision to exit the access control products business. It’s got to do with the recession!

And here’s the lowdown on the all-important IFSEC 2009 conference. It’s held at IFSEC! Also, it promises to be unmissable. Don’t forget, as well, about Securing Educational Establishments. That’s another superb conference. Get involved.

Elsewhere, the SIA is still looking for responses to its regulation research; and SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us up to speed with the Security Institute’s latest happenings.

There’s plenty more besides. Why not come on in and make yourself at home? You are very much welcome to. Warm your feet by our metaphorical open fire. It’s pretend toasty!

That’s right: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Yes indeed!

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