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More licensing – and CCTV training

Guten tag! It’s Monday, so it must be time for a story about Security Industry Authority licensing consultations. Should there be one card to cover all licences? What do you think, buddy?

We’ve also got the latest piece on our CCTV End User Survey, where end users made their thoughts known on the training provided by installers and manufacturers. Have a good hard look at the thing!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Monday September 14 if we didn’t have a story about the increase in tractor and quad bike theft. Damn you, pesky recession!

There are also items on the impact of hate crime; and some new drug detection technology.

Did you know that IFSEC India 2009 is happening soon? You didn’t? That’s a shame. You do now. And you’re welcome!

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Locks and hammers

OK, let’s get right down to brass tacks and do this thing. Come on!

I’m overjoyed to announce that we have a story today from the Master Locksmiths Association! These locking heroes are warning everyday folks that they should really be using licensed locksmiths – when they need the services of one. Naturally. That’s because the MLA is now able to do Criminal Records Bureau checks. Thorough!

Metaphor alert: today Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has ascended to the peak of Mt Security and summoned forth his opinion hammer, in order to smite industry issues from on high, leaving analysis shards strewn all over the business landscape. Something like that happens in his SI Editor’s View!

Storytime! Here’s MITIE winning a new contract; here’s the recession and its impact on CCTV uptake; and here’s some surveillance in a Sainsbury depot or warehouse type thing. It’s all solid info.

Do you want more in-depth information on some of the top companies in the security industry? You do? That’s good to hear, imaginary person. I recommend investigating the I4S Industry Focus feature area. It’s packed full of goodness in every bite.

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Opinion, successful CCTV, and silver linings

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder takes out his opinionoscope today and surveys the arid landscape for signs of security excitement, in his SI Editor’s View. And guess what? He finds some! This is very good and interesting news.

Also today, a re-deployable CCTV solution in Carlisle is helping to curb the antisocial tendencies of some members of the community. More goodness.

And speaking of good things, SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us a story of a CIPD report which suggests there may be a ‘silver lining’ to the recession. Sort of. Good!

Protecting churches is a nice thing to do, whatever your religious convictions. BRE Global has published a new guide to it. And there’s a technical report on biometrics out now, too. But from ISO and IEC, those old pals.

There are only two weeks to go until the intriguing and very necessary conference Securing Educational Establishments takes place. If you decide to get involved, a whole generation of school children will thank you with their smiling, happy faces. Well, maybe not you, specifically, but you get the idea.

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Alliances and doom mongering criticism

When two organisations exchange glances a cross a crowded room, somewhere in the highly charged atmosphere lies the possibility that just maybe, if the stars are aligned and everything works the way it does in the movies, a high-level Memorandum of Understanding might end up getting signed. It sounds like a crazy, romantic dream, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened between the FSA and IPSA. We’ve got the lowdown on this meeting of memberships.

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder is sick to the back teeth of the so-called ‘mainstream media’ putting the security industry, and all of us as individuals, at risk of being hurled into financial oblivion (I believe this is the suitable lexicon for discussing potential recession) by focusing only on the negative. In his SI Editor’s View today he is a staunch advocate of the power of positive thinking – and you could be too, for this low, low monthly fee. Not really. You can read it for free. Bargain!

If you’re anything like me, you’re often tempted to call 999 in certain non-emergency situations, such as when you see your neighbour glance suspiciously towards your wheelie bin, or when certain television personalities incite you to anger. However, these are not only non-emergency situations, they are stupidly trivial situations, so you should never speak to anyone in the emergency services about them – even if you are married to a policeman. Instead, if you live in London and have a genuinely important non-emergency situation, you can call the Metropolitan Police Service’s brand new number.

Over on the IP Video Market site, John Honovich has written a very interesting forecast for the IP video sector for 2009. It’s well worth a read.

And if you’d like to see the photos from the 2008 Security Excellence Awards in convenient slideshow format, pop on over to our special Gallery page. Fancy!

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