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The security week: Alarms, cheerleaders, and cash

Greetings – welcome to another summary of the security week, brought to you by info4security.com. It’s like a helpful stranger, sidling into your inbox and becoming a firm friend for life. Or something.

This week Chiron launched its new Iris Secure Apps alarm signalling management system. Both SMT Online editor Brian Sims and myself were in attendance, and we came away with a big ol’ article and some video to boot.

Yesterday the Security Industry Authority announced it would be ceasing its Fast Track approval route for the Approved Contractor Scheme. Details are here.

Loomis has launched a new cash security solution for retailers; G4S has moved into the car parking sphere in Denmark; and Risco has acquired a controlling interest in Electronics Line 3000.

Oh, and Integrated Security Consultants got up close and protective with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleading squad when they were in London for the NFL series – but in a professional fashion, not a restraining order kind of way. Yes, we have some pictures.

Large-scale security industry hootenanny IFSEC looms large on the horizon. Whether that involves anticipation or dread – or both – will vary from individual to individual. While you’re deciding, you could do worse than check out our dedicated IFSEC news zone on I4S. It’s got all the latest preview information and details on the 2010 conference programme.

This week’s Song About Security comes courtesy of geriatric varicose-rockers The Rolling Stones. They’re on about some kind of threatening rambler – get orf my land and so forth, I imagine.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

 Here is a video of a dog singing to a baby to stop it from crying. Apparently. Enjoy.

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Half price security as Woolworths closes

These dummy cameras were on sale at the Rye, Sussex, branch of Woolworths, in its last days in December...

These dummy cameras were on sale at the Rye, Sussex, branch of Woolworths, in its last days in December...

I spent a few days over Christmas on the south coast of England in Sussex, and happened to pop into the Rye branch of Woolworths that was, like all branches of Woolworths, desperately selling off its stock (and its fittings) before it closed for good.

On sale were these dummy CCTV cameras, generously discounted.

I didn’t see anyone look at one, let alone buy one, while I was in the shop.

Half price fake CCTV cameras - bargain!

Half price fake CCTV cameras - bargain!


Oh – and feel free to visit www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Go on.

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The security week: An arrested Tory, retail challenges, and Johnny Cash

News excitement galore on info4security this week. Brian Sims, editor of SMT Online, gets totally topical with his take on the Tories’ Damian Green being arrested by counter-terrorism officers. Forthright!

And in the week when Woolworths and MFI went to the wall, we’ve got an in-depth piece about the challenges ahead for retail security in a period of economic turmoil.

There were contrasting responses to the aforementioned turmoil – Dedicated Micros has rationalised its EMEA operations, while Kings Security has invested £3m in a new HQ and alarm receiving centre, and Solutions Security, a new UK CCTV distributor, has opened for business. Intriguing!

Security Installer editor Alan Hyder faced up to this week’s (metaphorical) issues inferno, and connecting his opinion nozzle to the firetruck of facts, he liberally doused the blaze with great gushing streams of analysis. In less confusing terms, he wrote his SI Editor’s View. It’s a great read!

Friday. Songs About Security. They go hand in hand, like Michael Jackson and an ape. Today it’s the turn of Johnny Cash. There’s also a chart-busting top ten.

Have you ever wanted to be a Higher Executive Officer Head of Security for the DVLA? I know I have. Well, now both you and I have the perfect opportunity to make this dream become a reality, as this is the Job of the Week on Jobs for Security. Fortuitous!

Another great thing on Jobs for Security is the Weird Work section. Read – then contribute!

If you, like me, despise the notion of building and/or perimeter penetration, you should get along to Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, where you will meet plenty of like-minded souls. Keep buildings and perimeters pure, that’s what I say.

Also, riverdancing chimps.

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Retail challenges and a new distributor

Apparently Christmas is happening soon, much to my surprise. This type of celebration seems kinda tasteless at such a time of serious global economic crisis.

But even though we can’t stop Christmas this year, retailers are still likely to feel a lot of pain thanks not only to a lack of spending, but also to enthusiastic shoplifters. Douglas Greenwell of G4S provides I4S and SMT Online with an in-depth look at the challenges facing the retail sector beyond the festive season.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Not at all! One company, Solutions Group (UK), has set up a brand new CCTV distribution arm with 15 trade counters scattered around the UK for ease of access. And ease of CCTV! A security joke, there.

And in news about partnerships and things of that nature, we bring you the news that MITIE has entered into a partnership with Stirling Assynt. Congratulations to them both! However, ‘Assynt’ is a particularly unattractive word. I’m just saying.

How do you like managing things? Do you like managing unexpected things – such as crises? Would you like to be better at that sort of thing? Yes? Maybe? Well, as luck would have it, there’s a conference called Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management. It sounds right up your alleyway!

There are these two websites, right, called info4security.com and ifsec.co.uk, and I, like, thoroughly recommend you give them both an eyeballing.

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Securing your meat, IFSEC India, and ATMs

Meat. Meat meat meat meat meat. It’s the fleshy topic on everyone’s lips, thanks to the economic slowdown which is hitting us all in the wallet-hole. And now retailers, concerned that downward fiscal forces could generate a crime-tsunami in the aisles of shops, are taking extreme measures to keep their best meat secured. It’s true. Alan Hyder wrote a story about it.

Last week saw the successful second edition of IFSEC India – and this year it was co-located with Firex India, which is just great. We’ll have a report on the event very shortly. One of the things that happened there was that Cradle Technologies launched its enVigil surveillance system. Why not investigate further? Here is a link enabling you to do so.

You may have noticed that I referred earlier – subtly – to the world economic meltdown and financial apocalypse currently facing us. It’s like the film ‘End of Days‘ for people in pin-striped suits. In these troubled times, it’s nice to know that Automatic Teller Machines can get together to socialise and talk about how best to secure our cash. Niscayah is helping to make this possible.

One of the most difficult and painful things in the world is looking for a job in security, or posting a job in security online. Thankfully, one website makes this process not only painless, but a downright pleasure. Step forward Jobs For Security. It’s a beauty!

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