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Winning apprentices and police reform

Hello, security news groovers. Let’s get our current affairs thang on, shall we?

Our first stop is with Romec, who have presented their winning apprentices with winning apprentice awards. Good stuff, fellas.

Then SMT Online editor Brian Sims covers the metaphorical security rocks with opinion spray, in the form of his SMT Online Editor’s View. This time around he’s discussing police reform.

Also on I4S today is a story by our I4S India editor Verghese Joseph marking the one year anniversary of the terror attacks in Mumbai.

There’s also a couple of wobbly hand held videos by an enthusiastic South African man of some people running. Why? It’s because they’re running in the World Half Marathon Championships, which had their security provided by Kingdom Events. Athletic!

Tomorrow is Friday, which is Songs About Security day. What will be the tenuously-connected choice of music video?* Drop by I4S tomorrow and find out. Go on, we’d love to have you.

*This asterisk indicates the presence of some swear-type words in the video linkage here. Proceed at your own risk!

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