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The Baroness and Body Worn Video

Hiya! I’m pressed for time today, so this missive is nasty, brutish, and short. Well, it’s short, anyway.

First up is Baroness Ruth Henig, who has been reappointed as the chairman of the Security Industry Authority for another three years. Soon she will have tenure.

Then there’s Nicholas Smith of Scyron, who looks at the impact of police forces using Body Worn Video – and its future potential and pitfalls. Science fact?

Axis Communications are also claiming a first in the UK – providing a council with an all-wireless IP surveillance system. Crikey.

And as usual, our man in Bangalore, Verghese Joseph, has provided a trove of India-focused security stories. Check them all out on our I4S India channel.


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Video collaboration and Onvif support

Good day, buddies. Today we have a very interesting story for you about the way that Scyron and the West Midlands Police have been working together to improve evidential video management. It’s a refreshing collaboration.

Lilin has launched a new Onvif Support Programme, following its release of the world’s first range of Onvif-compliant CCTV products. Unique!

Due to the pressures of modern living, many people have forgotten about the importance of car security. But don’t fear! We have a story about that sort of thing.

There’s also the two minutes that saved Tesco a million pounds. How? Read the story and find out.

And we’ve also got the heartwarming story of a former security bigwig who has come out of retirement to create a thousand new jobs. Possibly. It’s worth a try!

Have fun.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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CCTV in the news, PoE, and defence

And we’re back. It’s post-holiday excitement time here at I4S Towers, so let’s get the security news cascading into the public domain like some kind of beautiful information waterfall. Or something.

First up is the CameraWatch organisation, chipping in with their thoughts on the recent story about a London Met Police report that said it solved one crime for every 1000 CCTV cameras in the city. And Nick Smith of Scyron is urging commonsense over the report as well.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims looks at two major new reports from the Defence Industries Council on what it believes is the “vital nature” of the defence industry.

We’ve also got a story from Iain Crouch of Veracity on how to get the most out of our old pal, Power over Ethernet. It’s like Edgar Allan PoE. Possibly.

There’s also more! Get stuck into our unrivalled news coverage. Click on the stories below to get your fix.

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Headcams, diversity, and facial recognition

Loose lips sink ships‘, or so the saying goes. To me, this has always seemed particularly unlikely. I find it very difficult to imagine a situation where someone’s lips – loose, or tight – could sink any kind of decent-sized ship. Unless it was, perhaps, a load of lips destined for emergency lip transplant surgery somewhere and the weight loading of the ship had been calculated incorrectly by an incompetent or possibly drunken ship’s officer, leading to an imbalance of cargo caused by the additional lips, loosely packed. That might happen.

But never mind all of that for now, because today we’ve got a dazzling cavalcade of security news to delight, inform and entertain you.

First up, there’s a story on headcam technology being used by Derbyshire police in conjunction with scanning and administration software which means officers can spend more time on the streets and less filling in paperwork. Good.

We’re also tackling the issue of diversity in the security workplace, with an article from Donna Alexander on women in the industry. Timely!

And there’s some facial recognition technology which is being used by the South Africa Football Association; and Reliance is planning to examine security during the recession (aka ‘the current economic climate’).

Don’t miss out on your chance to be involved with the conference Securing Educational Establishments. It’s soon, and it’s about a vitally important subject. I am unsure whether attendees will be required to put their hands up before speaking, however.

Celebrate our 150th post on The Alarmist by visiting www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Go on!

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Training training training

We’ve gone skills and training crazy today on the internet’s favourite and most charming security website, info4security.com. Why? Because that’s what’s happening. That’s why.

First up is the actually the first article in a series of interesting reports and presentations direct from the 2008 Skills for Security conference. Today, Guy Mathias looks at whether training really has improved. What are his conclusions? You’ll need to go ahead and read the article to find out. It’s quite easy to do so!

Before today I was unaware that I was not an accredited person. That seems sad. But it’s not really. An Accredited Person is actually someone that the Association of Chief Police Officers allows to do certain things – and now there’s a fast track course for licensed officers to achieve this status. ACPO!

There’s also some detail about SEA winner Scyron being taken under the wing of software behemoth Microsoft in a mutually beneficial deal. That’s nice.

Don’t forget that the Next Generation CCTV conference is happening today, so we’ll have some interesting – nay, thrilling! – bits and pieces of news and opinion from that particular event up on the site soon.

It’s your right to visit these here world wide websites: info4security, and IFSEC. Right!

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Crime figures down – and video analytics Q&A

Today the BSIA presents encouraging results from the joint effort to reduce cash-in-transit crime occurrences. Incidents are down 29 per cent on the same period last year, which is encouraging news.

Video analytics. It’s a hot topic. Lots of people talk about it, lots of manufacturers say they do it. But what is it, and what can it do for you? Mike Wilks of Scyron takes us through the basics.

And Brian Sims reports on a very interesting trial of intelligent moving cameras, which aims to “put an end to crime and anti-social behaviour”. Laudable stuff!

Friday is the very last day to have your say in the Security Manufacturer of the Year category in the Security Excellence Awards. I’m serious. So get voting!

And when you’ve done that, visit www.jobsforsecurity.com. It’s the website designed by lovely people for lovely people. And that’s each and every one of you reading this. (I assume.)

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