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The security week: The wild west edition

Yeehar, pardners. It’s time to saddle up etc and mosey or somesuch into The Security Week. Giddy up.

First cowpoke off the rank (I believe this is the correct expression) is London’s Metropolitan Police, who are launching their PREFIT Forum today, to aid in reducing employee theft.

There’s also a bunch of chaps in this company, UKB Security, who are claiming that the recession has actually boosted sales of domestic security gear.

Our new apothecary, the CCTV Doctor Enser, is fixin’ to help folks with his video advice – this time on image resolution.

And our Song About Security this week comes courtesy of wild young gunslinger Jimi Hendrix. If he was wearing spurs he’d probably use them to play his guitar with. Or something.

Taking our CCTV End User Survey is like striking gold on your own claim. If by ‘gold’ you mean ‘the potential to win £200 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers’.

And winning a Security Excellence Award is like being elected mayor, or sheriff, or some other glamorous role, in a really cool town full of lovely ladies and groovy cowboys and horses and all that other stuff. It’s good.

I’m going to ride off into the lunchtime sunset and start moving house. Enjoy the weekend, hombres.

Go for it!!!! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Financing, an award, and party cops

It’s interesting to see the differing approaches companies are making to trading in these increasingly difficult economic times. Today we’ve got a story about Siemens Building Technologies Security Solutions introducing new financing packages for customers.

Some companies continue to win prizes, even amidst the financial turmoil. Security Excellence Award-winner IndigoVision has walked away with a Scottish export award. Actually, they were given it. They didn’t just grab it off a table and walk away. That’s not what I was suggesting.

There’s also a new H.264 megapixel dome camera release from IQinVision, which that company claims is “the first fully-integrated, vandal-resistant megapixel dome camera line on the market”. Impressive!

I’ve been reliably informed that the so-called ‘festive season’ is well and truly upon us. Evidence for this comes in the form of photos from Milestone’s Christmas bash, which includes imagery of dressing up and getting on down.

In other excellent news, tomorrow is Friday. Hooray!

A small bird said these are good: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Truly.

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Training training training

We’ve gone skills and training crazy today on the internet’s favourite and most charming security website, info4security.com. Why? Because that’s what’s happening. That’s why.

First up is the actually the first article in a series of interesting reports and presentations direct from the 2008 Skills for Security conference. Today, Guy Mathias looks at whether training really has improved. What are his conclusions? You’ll need to go ahead and read the article to find out. It’s quite easy to do so!

Before today I was unaware that I was not an accredited person. That seems sad. But it’s not really. An Accredited Person is actually someone that the Association of Chief Police Officers allows to do certain things – and now there’s a fast track course for licensed officers to achieve this status. ACPO!

There’s also some detail about SEA winner Scyron being taken under the wing of software behemoth Microsoft in a mutually beneficial deal. That’s nice.

Don’t forget that the Next Generation CCTV conference is happening today, so we’ll have some interesting – nay, thrilling! – bits and pieces of news and opinion from that particular event up on the site soon.

It’s your right to visit these here world wide websites: info4security, and IFSEC. Right!

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CCTV for Scottish shoppers – and gold!

Shopping. It’s the process of handing over currency in exchange for goods and services, and is a cornerstone of the capitalist system. It’s particularly important if we are to acquire foodstuffs and other goods. One of the places Scottish people – and people in Glasgow who are not necessarily Scottish (the centre does not discriminate) – can now go to do shopping is Silverburn. While they are there they will be protected by CCTV equipment from Vicon and Cortech. Tremendous!

ATEC Security seem to have the Midas touch of late. Not only have they walked away with a 2008 Security Excellence Award, they’ve also attained the NSI’s NACOSS Gold standard. Auspicious!

An organisation which is no stranger to either security or institutes is the Security Institute. The good folks at the SyI have moved into new offices, which are now officially open. Semi-rural!

And don’t forget about next week’s scintillating conference about next generation CCTV, called Next Generation CCTV. There’s still time to register, and it looks set to be the best conference on this topic ever at any time in the history of the world. And bear in mind, I abhor exaggeration. Get involved!

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The security week: Mannequins and hybrid power

If Robocop was fashioned entirely from synthetic materials rather than being a pioneering cyborg; and if his one major technological innovation was a CCTV recording system inserted in his head, he would have had a lot in common with the security mannequins currently being tested by Displaysense. Of course, Robocop was only a film, with a number of increasingly rubbish sequels. These seeing eye mannequins are so close to being real, it’s tantalising. Tantalising, I tell ya!

Being environmentally friendly is undoubtedly a good thing. Even if you’re one of these skeptical types who doesn’t believe in global warming and thinks cutting down a rainforest is all in the spirit of good old fashioned fun, others will be happy to see you doing something green. So hats off to Irish distributor MK Survey and manufacturer EGL Energy, for the hybrid wind and solar-powered CCTV concept.

In other exciting security news this week, a Nottingham security boss has pleaded guilty to numerous charges; there have been more heated discussions about ID cards; and the Northern Ireland industry has been told to get ready to be regulated.

We’ve also had some record visitor numbers at IFSEC India, and more triumphant Security Excellence Award winners have been celebrating.

Dizzee Rascal makes his first ever appearance on I4S – a career highlight, undoubtedly – as the featured artist in this week’s Song About Security.

Just in case you thought we’d let a week go by without mentioning two of life’s most important ingredients, be reassured: we have stories about meat and sheds.

And the conference Next Generation CCTV is a thing you should go to. Go on.

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Indian success, shed thieves, triumphs and guilt

IFSEC India 2008 has proven to be a heck of a success, with record numbers in terms of ‘footfall’ – that’s people coming to the show, not just the ones stumbling and falling over (if you are an insurer, this never happens.) Read all about the most important security event ever held in India. And, wonderfully, today I learned that Delhi’s chief minister is named Sheila Dikshit. How great is that? Really great.

When you’re done doing that, you might like to think about your shed. Particularly if you are a person who works in a shed. Or an outbuilding. One of the UK’s garden security specialists, Bill Seddon of Gardien (did you see what he did there?) says that thieves are targeting these home workers. Those scoundrels.

There’s more joy over triumphs in the Security Excellence Awards 2008, and a Nottingham security company boss has pleaded guilty to charges of employing unlicensed operatives.

If you’re a fan of security conferences, you can’t afford to miss these. Talk about Next Generation CCTV. Delve deep into The Threat Within. Consider Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. And manage your old pal ‘the unexpected’, with Business Continuity and Crisis Management.

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The security week: SIA improvements, and megapixel dumpers

Today the National Audit Office has released its report into the SIA – and has recommended that private security businesses be registered to enable the Regulator to keep track of where licensed individuals are working.

And in the US, illegal rubbish dumpers have found a brand new nemesis: megapixel cameras. These cunningly camouflaged crimefighting machines are our modern day equivalents of the super heroes who dealt with most illicit activities up until the mid nineties, when cost-cutting and belt tightening put an end to their heroic ways.

The winners of the this year’s Security Excellence Awards have been rightly basking in the warming glow of their success. And they’re also pleased because the event raised quite a bit of money for industry charity Hear4U. Nice work.

The CCTV Doctor was back in his metaphorical practice this week, dispensing advice on public transport surveillance. Luckily his notes have been transcribed into legible English. Feel free to read it!

Elsewhere we’ve got my rundown of Milestone’s recent MIPS event; Alan Hyder’s view from the editor’s chair at Security Installer; and his report on the dye that’s leaving some unfortunate criminals in the red.

As it’s Friday, it’s Songs About Security time. This week’s offering comes from wildly misnamed trio The Thompson Twins. Crazy!

Don’t forget to register for any, or, indeed, all of these conferences: Next Generation CCTV, The Threat Within, Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, and Managing the Unexpected: Business Continuity and Crisis Management.

When that’s done, visit www.jobsforsecurity.com, because it’s a really really brilliant site for finding and posting security jobs. You’ll have a ball!

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