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The security week: A broker’s view, and airport scanners

Welcome to your weekly injection of security news excitement and wonder, from the online home of all that is wonderful and exciting in the world of security: info4security.com.

Leading us off this week is a special report from Mark Barton, a security industry insurance broker, who gives us the lowdown on just what it is that he does – and the security issues of most interest to insurers. Informative.

Then we’ve got a couple of stories about airport security – human recognition systems in Newcastle, and full body scanners at Heathrow and Manchester.

We also had the news of an Edinburgh security company director fined for failing to provide information. Naughty.


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In other news this week, the UK Home Office has said the security industry is ‘important’ in the counter-terror fight (nice to know); that theft and vandalism top the list of business security fears; and security guarding companies have been urged to go ‘on the offensive’.

Our Song About Security this week comes from Thievery Corporation – literally, a company which steals things. Well, possibly not. But a musical act with a name that suggests anti-security activity, at the very least.

Don’t forget that our special offer from uniformdating.com is still valid – if you’d like to meet someone special who fancies a bit of uniform action (or you fancy some yourself) – also love, companionship etc – then click on this link here and then enter SECURITY10 on the upgrades page to get a £10 discount on any subscription. Nice.

And if you’re in London tonight and in need of entertainment, why not attend this shindig? It looks fun.

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Illegal dumpers; and Butler does it

Hello, and welcome to the first of this week’s I4S highlights missives, crammed full of delicious security news morsels.

It’s the day that Bill Butler takes over the reins at the UK’s Security Industry Authority. Tuck in!

There are also some concealed cameras catching illegal dumpers. Of rubbish!

Controlware are encouraging you to have your say in the debate that’s igniting the CCTV world, when IP faces up to analogue for the right to be claimed world champion. Who will emerge victorious, and who will take a pounding?

There’s also guarding market consolidation; a warm welcome for the security smoke standard; and more on the knife crime epidemic.

India is a wonderful country. Now it is even better, because IFSEC India is taking place there. It’s life enhancing stuff!

Thus: www.info4security.com. Nevertheless:  www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Olympics, Mosquitoes, and amazing dancing

It’s been a heck of a week on info4security. There’s been security news, and opinions, and advice, and all manner of things of interest and, indeed, use. Here’s a handpicked selection to help you through these cold winter nights.

There’s allegedly a sporting event of some description scheduled to take place in London in 2012. Wilson Chowdhry asks an important question about whether London is going to be ready to guard the games. It’s a right poser!

The Mosquito child-scattering device has won an award for reducing cases of anti-social behaviour in Merseyside. But it remains contentious!

If there were awards for stories that contained these elements: BBC One programme Rogue Traders; fly tipping; SmartWater forensic DNA stuff; and Kent – info4security would be well in with a shot at the grand prize, featuring as we did a single story with all of these bits in it.

But it’s not all good news around here: Alan Hyder (who also chipped in with his SI Editor’s View this week) brought us this story of the economic downturn hitting bank security spending.

Don’t forget Songs About Security – this week, it’s Thin Lizzy. Rock.

Our Job of the Week on really super security jobs site Jobs for Security is this amazing opportunity: be a Contracts Manager for Corps Security in Stevenage. Go on, you’ll love it! It’s the sort of thing you like.

Finally, as a very special pre-Christmas present, here is a video of some German people doing a bit of truly remarkable dancing while modelling some high quality potential football kit. Enjoy.

There’s them things: www.ifsec.co.uk and www.info4security.com.

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Excellence! Advances for Tesco, and helping Hertz

The day has finally dawned. After a year’s worth of anticipation, excitement, involuntary spasms of thrilling expectation – it’s finally here. The 2008 Security Excellence Awards happen tonight, and I’ll be there, so I’ll let you know how it goes. But if you can’t be there, don’t fret. I know that you’ll be aching to hear who the winners were – and let’s face it, you won’t be able to sleep tonight until you find out – so I’m making a special effort to put the results up on I4S at around 11:30pm tonight, UK time. Remember, info4security.com is the only place you’ll get the results tonight.

In other news, Advance Security Retail and Supply Chain has been awarded a highly sought-after guarding contract with retail giant Tesco. (Obviously a chain of supermarkets, not an actual giant. That would be straying into the realms of fantasy, and as such would be a less lucrative contract. At least in monetary terms. Probably credibility as well.)

Video analytics has barged its way to the forefront of the CCTV news agenda again today. Alan Hyder brings us a story in which ioimage equipment has been used to help an Israeli car hire firm. Loss reduction!

If you missed it yesterday, have a read of SMT editor Brian Sims‘ thoughts on departed London Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair. Some responses have already been provoked. Add yours!

There are a whole raft of interesting conferences coming up, which you should definitely look into attending. Definitely. How do Next Generation CCTV, The Threat Within, or Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters sound to you? That’s right, they all sound ace.

I’m off to primp and preen for tonight’s big event. Remember to look on I4S tomorrow for the winners, photos and reports on the Security Excellence Awards 2008.

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The security week: Olympic guards and ID cards

[Hello. I’m currently writing this on Wednesday, as I’m about to be away from I4S Towers for a few days, and I will be pretending from here on in that it is Friday.]

Well, what a week it’s been for info4security.com.

There’s been a heck of a lot of security-related news, I can certainly tell you that! Every day, it seems like the majority of stories we cover are related to the field of security in some way. Hopefully this week is not wildly different to any other!

Early in the week we featured Alan Hyder‘s provocative and powerful SI Editor’s View. There was also an interesting article on G4S’s plan to train locals to help with guarding the Olympic Park development.

There were also Bench Tests on a Panasonic dome and a Lilin DVR. Incisive. And useful!

Importantly, the design of the already infamous and hotly debated UK national identity cards was revealed. Contentious.

Later in the week, a whole host of interesting and vital security-related stories occurred. You’ll be able to read some of them by clicking the links below!

I hope you have enjoyed this Weekly Digest, and are looking forward to the weekend like I am! Haha. Seriously, though, I am happy in my work. Here is a video of a man struggling with technology.

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