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The security week: New chief at the SIA, and IFSEC assessment

If you’re a fan of Government regulators – and really, who isn’t? – then you will be overjoyed by the news that Bill Butler has been given the chief executive’s job at the Security Industry Authority. Bill’s got regulator chops – he’s moving from the Gambling Commission, and previously worked for the Healthcare and Audit Commissions. According to his profile on social network thingo LinkedIn, his specialties are the “set up of public bodies, public policy development to ministerial level, public finance and audit, contract negotiation, professional management, consultancy.” So that all sounds great.

The appointment was announced at the SIA’s Stakeholder Conference (not a gathering of vampire slayers) in Manchester this week. SMT Online editor Brian Sims was there – he’ll be providing reports from its proceedings next week. In the meantime, here’s what chairman Baroness Ruth Henig had to say.

Apparently there was a major security exhibition of some description last week. After a short pause for breath, Security Installer boss Alan Hyder uses his formidable powers of hindsight to detect and discuss IFSEC‘s major talking points in his Editor’s View column.

Now here is a brief halt in proceedings so that I can link to an amusing, injury-free game.

But this is hard-hitting stuff: a former security director found guilty. And here’s our US correspondent John Honovich on the latest happenings there – including the potential for analogue megapixel CCTV.

To balance that out, here is a cat climbing into a fishbowl.

Today’s Song About Security is dedicated to High Definition CCTV. It’s a trendy topic!

Another thing that is less trendy, perhaps, but equally, or perhaps more vital, is security in the public sector. That particular article is so interesting it may cause you to do an awesome dance. Be warned!

Don’t forget that all of our IFSEC 2009 coverage, including news stories, videos and picture galleries, can be found at info4security.com/ifsecnews. Thorough!

And get an entry into the Security Excellence Awards 2009. Winning one of these awards is possibly the most delightful thing that could ever happen to you.

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New chief for the SIA

An I4S breaking news live-from-the-scene extravaganza today. SMT Online journalistic El Jefe, Brian Sims, gave us the news of Bill Butler’s appointment as chief executive of the Security Industry Authority – and we were live with the story even before the SIA had released the news itself. Scooparama!

That other great pillar of the UK security industry’s media community, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder, brings us news of a report on mobile surveillance, which seems to be ‘accelerating’ in popularity. Accelerating! Ha! Amusing transport-based wordplay! Yeah.

In other news, there’s accreditation for Security Design Centre; IFSEC success for Dallmeier; and Commonwealth Games security news.

Do not even consider forgetting to enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009. That would be insane! Enter the awards and reassure the world of your sound-mindedness.

How nice: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Quivering in anticipation of IFSEC edition

Well ok. It’s almost here. This, ladies and gents, is your final I4S missive before the big one, the papa-san, el jefe, the security archbishop – IFSEC – kicks off next Monday. I’m thrilled and excited beyond the realms of human description. It’s like being on a first date with a huge, all-powerful, slightly intimidating security event. Or something. Ahem.

But before we get to the IFSEC exhilaration, we need to pause for a moment in recognition of the fact that the Security Industry Authority in the UK has decided not to go ahead with in-house security officer licensing. Is that a mistake?

Brian Sims thinks so, as he outlines in his SMT Online Editor’s View. He also talks about the Government’s proposed ID card launch – which was criticised this week by TSSI.

Brian was at the helm this week of our very first webinar, which focused on HD and IP CCTV. You can register and access the webinar at your leisure by moseying on down to this very link. Clever!

And yesterday Westminster Council launched its first mobile CCTV unit. It’s highly technologically advanced. I doubt there are any gremlins in the system.

So. IFSEC. Did you know that if you visit the show – at Birmingham’s NEC, no less – and drop by the I4S stand at I20, Hall 4, you can win a brand new iPod Nano simply by voting for your favourite Song About Security? Well, you can. This week’s tune comes courtesy of the Manic Street Preachers. Nifty.

This is interesting: after deciding to sit out this year’s event, Norbain has confirmed that it will be back at IFSEC next year. Lovely.

We’ll be at the show all next week, and we will be employing cutting edge, zeitgeist-friendly new media technologies to cover it. And by that, I mean Twitter. Follow myself, Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder. If you so desire. You can also join the IFSEC 2009 LinkedIn group. And you can visit info4security.com any time you like, really.

Of course there’ll be I4S Daily Digests featuring the pick of the day’s stories – but these might be out a little later than normal. Alternately, why not subscribe to the I4S RSS feed? News headlines right to your RSS reading device type thing! Crazy.

See you on the other side.

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SIA says ‘no’ to in-house licensing

Just one more working day to go before the most important security event in the history of humankind – or something like that – at IFSEC next week. So we’ve decided to pack the news in tight, like sumo wrestlers in a Smart car.

So here’s an important UK security industry story: the Security Industry Authority has decided that in-house security staff won’t need to be licensed – at least for the next three years. Hmmmm!

TSSI has come right out and criticised the plan to start introducing voluntary ID cards in Manchester. And Millwall FC has upgraded its CCTV coverage. It’s gone digital!

As you’d expect, I4S will be representin’ at IFSEC. Here’s a story explaining how you can win an iPod off us simply by visiting our stand! And voting for your favourite Song About Security. And leaving your name and email address. Simple!

And make sure that if you’re doing any Twitter-type things about the show, that you join in all the social media fun and games by including the #IFSEC tag in your ‘tweets’. That’s great fun!

Yes yes yes yes yes ok: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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