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The security week: Awards, technology, and security dogs

Welcome to this somewhat premature I4S Weekly newsletter. We’re early this week because of the Good Friday public holiday here in the UK, and quite possibly wherever you are too. Nice.

The finalists for this year’s IFSEC Security Industry Awards have been announced. Click here to find out who made it, and to book your table for the event. Skills for Security is running its Apprentice Skills Challenge at the show. Check out the details here.

We’ve also got IFSEC preview information from Integrated Design, Grandstream, Commend, Barix, Winsted, iLoq, and many more, on our dedicated IFSEC news pages. Extensive stuff.

And in a bumper week of show news, IFSEC organisers UBM Live announced a brand new exhibition: IFSEC South India, taking place next March in Bangalore. It follows the success of IFSEC India. That’s just super.

The Home Office is using a £2m cash injection to help catch burglars with new technology – including so-called ‘trap houses’; G4S has signed a major contract with GlaxoSmithKline; and FM giant MITIE has launched a security profile and risk calculator, imaginatively called SPARC.

Our CCTV Doctor Alistair Enser popped in to answer a reader question on shed surveillance – and our IP expert Phil Doyle was back in his guise as The Networker.

Also today we’ve got an important, landmark article on canine security and the possible implications of its unionisation.

Security charity Hear4U has been relaunched – wisely, in my opinion – as the Security Benevolent Fund. Read about the good work it does here.

Make sure you head over to Jobs for Security for all the latest security jobs – and to advertise your own vacancies. It’s tremendous fun for all the family.

For real-time news updates, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

And here’s a panda taking revenge on a tree which done him wrong, or something.

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Flying school, police pledge, and bendy bollards

Hello hello – time for more security newsology. Let’s delve.

Here’s a flying classroom, protected by some Vista CCTV gear. what’s all that about, then? The answer lies here, my friend.

Then there’s the Home Office, which has gone ahead and launched an ad campaign on citizen rights under the police pledge. Right on!

Have you got bendy bollards? These people have. They’re bendy!

IndigoVision has shown its new ONVIF-compliant video management software; the new Skills for Security training centre has been opened; and we’ve got stories on Luton Airport, a new bodyworn camera system, and for some reason, Eastenders. Enjoy these wonderful tales!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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BSIA action with guarding standards and strategy

Excitingly, we’ve got not one, but TWO BSIA-related stories for your delectation today. We spoil you, I know. But you deserve it.

Fist up is one that came in late yesterday – it’s the BSIA, NSI and Skills for Security getting together to create a high-level ‘differentiating’ standard for the guarding industry. Good?

Then there’s Tim Geddes, discussing the future strategy of the BSIA’s Security Systems Section, or SSS. The extra ‘S’ is what differentiates their abbreviation from that of a somewhat more infamous organisation.

G4S has also been involved in a groundbreaking poetry book project, involving young offenders. Literaturally!

Don’t forget about MITIE renewing a contract to secure the Thames Barrier; an Iron Man all set to protect some Welsh homes; and the stolen fleet vehicle that was recovered in just 30 minutes thanks to Masternaut. Driven to succeed, or something!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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2012, Jon’s Top 5, CCTV lighting

It’s the beginning of another beautiful security week. Let’s get storified!

First off the block is the story of the BSIA and Skills for Security preparing for the influx of new guarding personnel in time for the 2012 Olympics. A new scheme was launched today. Will it be effective? Let’s hope so!

We’ve also got Jon Hill back, with his Top 5 tips on CCTV. This time around he’s talking about designing IP systems. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to know more about that?

Then there’s Raytec, and their laudable green-focused ‘lighting amnesty’. Shaun Cutler writes about this new initiative. Eco-sensible!

We’ll be introducing some exciting changes to our email newsletter service from next year. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to email me at info@info4security.com. Please be merciful.

And that’s it for today. Hoorah!

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Politics, acquisitions, and pets

I’m back in the I4S driver’s seat today, after SMT Online editor Brian Sims’ splendid deputations yesterday (though I believe he attempted to tar me with his Iron Maiden-shaped brush – regular readers will know that I have far too much self respect and dignity for that.)

Today, Mr Sims himself looks at the inevitable UK election, and asks what the major parties are likely to be offering the business community. He also begins a series of profiles on the parties’ security policies, starting with the Conservatives.

Kingdom Security has just made some acquisitions. What the heck has it acquired? You should read the story, for the good of us all.

Elsewhere, IDM has gone ahead and helped some Pets at Home; Samsung Techwin has launched a new chipset which it rather cockily calls ‘Winner’; and Skills for Security has accredited a course for door supervisor trainers. That’s some tasty newsli!

Don’t forget that you can follow me (twitter.com/info4security), Brian Sims (twitter.com/smtonlineeditor), and Alan Hyder (twitter.com/alanhyder) on exciting social brevity machine Twitter, if that’s your bag.

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A sweet suite, and like for like

Welcome to this, the latest missive from security news wonderland info4security.com. It truly is a delight to land in your inbox. Thanks for the opportunity!

Today SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us the story of a sweet new suite of qualifications from G4S and the denizens of academia.

And Security Installer honcho Alan Hyder tells of Vista’s new ‘like for like’ replacement guarantee. This doesn’t mean that if you see something you like, you can just have it. That would be an idiotic policy.

In addition to these scrumptious news dumplings, there’s also a piece on Optex supplying detectors for a metals company; a new IP CCTV range for Genie; and a revamped website for Skills for Security. Interesting.

Don’t forget about IFSEC India 2009. That’s happening soon. You should go to it.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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South African crime, and free registration

Well hello, delightful person. Here’s your rapid fire Monday Daily Digest security news missive. Enjoy!

We’ve got a special report today on the state of commercial crime in South Africa and the measures being taken to combat it.

There’s also the opportunity to register for free as a visitor to IFSEC India 2009 – the single greatest security show in all of India. Ever. True, that.

I was surprised to discover The Edge has taken on the deputy chief executive role at Skills For Security, but it turns out that it was the other Edge. Bono is quite strict about taking work outside of your main job.

Also today there’s more spam; an SIA briefing for CCTV operators; an ACS survey for end users; and facial recognition training for police.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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