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The security week: Quivering with IFSEC anticipation

It’s almost upon us. That once a year, adrenalised security thrill-monkey that is IFSEC. Monday’s the kick-off, though exhibitors are likely to be gathering in Birmingham even now. But not in a menacing way. Well, not necessarily.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has been busy chatting to some of the major exhibitors about their plans for the show. See what luminaries from Sony, Panasonic (Steven Gerrard, no less!) and HID Global have to say about what they’re launching, and the state of the market.

We’ve also got stories on the launch of IFSEC West Africa, which takes part during the show, and the Intelligent Integration Zone feature area, which looks set to be super interesting. Zone!

Of course there’s also a raft of preview information from more than 70 exhibitors on our dedicated IFSEC news page. Some of the latest articles focus on iDTEQ, Zyxel and ACTi, CSL DualCom, VideoIQ, Irisys, ASL Vision, Clearview, Honeywell, and the recently launched Mobile Phone Security Association.

In the midst of all of this IFSEC 2010 preparation, Brian has managed to find time to have a chat with Nick Palmer of VSG about the company’s rigorous vetting procedures.

And we’ve had advice from our Access Control Doctor on using the features of high end access systems.

Sometimes you just want to know what it is that everyone’s keen on reading. That’s why we provide our handy ‘Best read stories’ service. It tells you which I4S stories have been read by the most people in the last month. Wow!

Our Song About Security this week comes from excellent electropop Mancunians New Order. Have it, etc.

Also, there was an election in the UK yesterday. Interesting.

For real-time news updates, live from IFSEC 2010, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

To calm your nerves before next week’s cornucopia of excitation, here is a video of a dog dancing for his dinner.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Terror threat, and the HD future

It’s Friday, and as a consequence I have Friday on my mind. Astounding! You may also have Friday on your mind, but it is by no means a requirement, or a demand. Approach your life as you see fit.

This week I was very briefly in Munich to hear about Sony’s new HD CCTV launches. There’s an article I wrote about it all here – and something specific about Sony’s new HD camera is here.

Erstwhile and current SMT Online editor Brian Sims covered UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s raising of the terror threat level; he also brought us the details of Terahertz radiation technology being used in scanners to detect explosives.

We had two stories in the ‘spraying some stuff onto things or people’ category – door supervisors are spraying people with Redweb’s stuff; and Dutch train people are spraying metal things with Selectamark’s stuff. Spray!

And a consultancy has claimed that risk management is a “top 10 career move in 2010“. Is it? Is it really?

Three popular things now: a story about the security and legal implications of people accessing online porn at work; private investigators say that business is booming during the economic downturn; and our Song About Security this week comes from way back in 1944, courtesy of the Andrews Sisters. Old school.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Train drama and Indian success

Ahoy there, security newsdudes! Here is some security news. It’s just under here!

For maximum drama, why not watch the video of the lady in Boston who fell onto the railway tracks in front of an approaching train – all caught on good old CCTV. Tense!

Then there’s the record results from IFSEC India 2009. Well done that exhibition! I am not necessarily contractually obliged to say that, either!

Don’t forget about the morticer that halves door drilling times. You would be an utter fool if that slipped your mind. Just kidding! Or am I? It’s not clear.

There’s also a chance to win a high def camcorder from Sony and Ubiqz; and those lovely folks at BriefCam have partnered with the nice folks at NICE to become ‘Nice and Brief’, a lounge cabaret act. Not really. They are actually doing technological CCTV video management type things together. Delightful.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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IFSEC India and MITIE Griffins

Honk. It’s another security news missive from the security news massive at I4S.

As you may or may not know – I can’t go around ensuring that everyone comprehends everything that is occurring at all times, ever, much as I may like to – IFSEC India is JUST ABOUT TO HAPPEN. Read about the way they’re putting the finishing touches on the event, and also about what Sony is planning to launch there.

Then, LOOK ON IN AWE at this story about a MITIE team undertaking Project Griffin training. That’s the anti-terror Project Griffin, not the security team at the BBC’s Question Time last week. Topical!

Check out the BSIA’s guide to education sector access control; a trip to the National Business Awards finals for Corps Security; and Ingersoll Rand gets busy at the Bullring. Yeehaa!

And, despite my successful efforts to sabotage myself yesterday, here are the links to the Security Excellence Awards winners; the gallery of winners; and the gallery of beautiful, delightful attendees etc. Simply gorgeous.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Springtime for apprentices

Astonishingly, the sun is shining outside I4S Towers today – and there appears to be some warmth happening as well. What? Could this be spring?

It’s certainly a time for the rebirth of the 2009 Apprentice Skills Challenge, the apprentice installer skills competition that takes place at IFSEC each year. It’s ten years old in 2009. Cripes! We’ve also got the rundown of Sony’s IFSEC preparations.

Football fans and CCTV technology have been familiar ruckus-buddies for some time now. A new CCTV van equipped by TSS is the latest development in this fine tradition.

If you’re in London, or head there regularly, and you have a nose for spotting suspicious, terrorist-like behaviour, the Met Police would love to hear from you. They’ve just launched a new campaign encouraging folks to keep their eyes peeled.

In other news, it looks like India’s on course for widescale IP uptake; and we’ve got some advice on getting involved with gate automation and access control.

Then, go ahead and register for the IFSEC Conference 2009. It will make you look like a better person in the eyes of your friends and colleagues. And although your family have no choice but to love and accept you, they will find it easier if you have been an IFSEC Conference delegate. It’s the way of the world.

That’s right: catch a load of www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Compression, recession, digressions

Happy Monday! Hopefully. Here’s all the security news that fits on the internet.

First up there’s a piece on video compression from Dr Alan Hayes of AMG Systems. He’s into alternative transmission systems. But not necessarily alternative lifestyles. Nope!

And Sony, Milestone and Agent Vi have entered into a bit of a three-way pact, offering up video analytics in a complete solution stylee. Interesting!

In these harsh economic times, it’s interesting to see the approach of different companies in catering to the needs of their customers – today, Honeywell has introduced a ‘cost-effective’ range of CCTV cameras to provide additional options for users and installers.

Don’t forget to read SMT Online editor Brian Sims‘ exclusive interview with SIA chief Bernard Herdan, which we featured on Friday.

And make sure you check out the IFSEC Conference 2009. It’s where all the juicy security issues will get discussed, mark my words.

And so, to www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Huzzah!

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Layoffs, contrasts, and a goat (for some reason)

A couple of different responses to the economic maelstrom we find ourselves in today. At DVR pioneer Dedicated Micros, they’ve decided to cut employee numbers across EMEA operations. Chairman Nigel Petrie says it’s to do with revised growth expectations and “a particular reticence in the UK security sector’s supply chain”.

Meanwhile, over at Kings Security in West Yorkshire, they’re going ahead with plans to open a new £3m headquarters and alarm receiving centre. The complex is officially launched next week.

There are contrasts in the CCTV camera world as well, with Sony launching a couple of new analogue models, while IndigoVision presents a new H.264 dome to the market.

And SMT Online editor Brian Sims brings us details of a new management and leadership course from Response Security Training – while the British Parking Association demands a “parking summit“. Make sure your hand brakes are on! (Because of the ‘summit’. What’s happening here is that I am pretending that ‘summit’ refers to the peak of a mountain or hill, when in actual fact in this case it is referring to a meeting of some kind. Humour!)

One of the things that really gets my goat is building penetration. He can’t stand it! To remedy this awful situation I have registered said goat as an attendee at interesting and useful conference Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters. If you are there and see a goat with a name tag that says ‘Steven’, make sure you say hi. He’ll appreciate that.

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The security week: Securiplan fined, future CCTV, and Weird Work

A big ol’ week of news on info4security, kicked off with the announcement of Securiplan being fined for 19 counts of employing unlicensed officers, and ordered to pay the SIA’s legal costs. Dr Bernard Herdan has also been named interim SIA chief, following Mike Wilson’s sudden departure.

We also featured reports from the Next Generation CCTV conference. These included a look at video analytics by Patrick Meaney, and discussion of the Onvif group by Sony’s Simon Nash. Interesting! Also interesting will be upcoming conferences The Threat Within (next week!) and Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters (slightly later!)

Let me tell you this: Videoswitch has gone shopping and bought Quick CCTV. And G4Tec has partnered with Imprivata. Synergy!

Security Installer head honcho Alan Hyder has left an opinion-deposit all over the web in the form of his SI Editor’s View. It features valuable information about two intriguing subjects: booze and movies. Also, other topics are covered.

It’s Songs About Security day, so it must be Friday. I’m sorry to report that today’s offering comes from the abysmal Hard-Fi. Enjoy!

Finally, here is some important and exciting news. Excellent security jobs site Jobs for Security has not only provided us with a Featured Job – this time, it’s the coveted chance to be an Assistant Facilities Manager with delightful Essex County Council – they’ve gone ahead and allowed me to launch a new and potentially amusing section of the site.

It’s called Weird Work, and it’s your chance to let us know about the stranger or more unusual things you’ve been asked to do in the course of your working life. I’ve kicked it off with a bit about my encounter with an Icelandic halibut, and Jobs for Security advertising manager Jo Lancaster has contributed a tale of delivery misadventure. I’d love to make it the number one resource for ridiculous work-related stories, but that can only happen with your help. Read what we have to say, and then send your stories to webeditor@info4security.com.

You can remain anonymous if your story is hilariously humiliating. That’s a personal promise. Humiliation!

Visit info4security and ifsec.co.uk. And that Weird Work site I just mentioned. Go on.

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Open houses, fines and diamonds

News galore on I4S today. Alan Hyder brings us a report direct from last week’s Next Generation CCTV conference, where Sony’s Simon Nash assured the audience that the Onvif network video standards forum would be ‘truly open’ to all.

And Securiplan has copped a fairly sizable fine for using unlicensed employees – £95,000, plus £550,000 in costs. Ouch. Something to make the SIA a little happier after last week’s events, perhaps?

They always say that biometric access control readers are a girl’s best friend. But what happens if the reader is damaged by dirt and grease? The girl gets very upset, that’s what. Luckily there is now a ‘diamond coating’ to protect this rather sensitive area.

Don’t forget to get involved with our upcoming conferences. These include The Threat Within, which deals with employee vetting, and seems particularly apt in light of the SIA security checks brouhaha; and Impenetrable Buildings and Perimeters, which deals with access and protection. They seem intriguing!

Also, if you would like a new job, why not try this one? It seems perfect, especially if you are good at or experienced in security training. There are also other jobs currently being advertised on handy security jobs site, Jobs for Security. Gainful employment!

Feel free to visit info4security and ifsec.co.uk. I ain’t stoppin’ ya.

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Challenge to monitoring stations – and forum launch

Are monitoring stations in danger of being abandoned by home and small business users? A new service, just launched, is certainly hoping so, using the power of broadband to take the monitoring services out of the equation.

At IFSEC in May we reported on the move by Axis, Bosch and Sony to work together on an open industry standard for network video. Now the first fruits of their labour have appeared, in the form of a website, and you can get involved.

Also on the site today is a story about the US government donating body scanners to Nigeria to fight the drug trade. If you click through to the story, and have a close look at the second picture there, you’ll notice what appears to be an, um, uncomfortable smuggling location.

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