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The security week: Explosives, underwear and robots

Hello. It’s another one of those weekly digests where I pretend to be working hard in the office when, in actual fact, I have the day off. But let’s pretend it’s all normal and stuff, eh?

This week we had a lot of people interested in reading our story about the would-be assassin with the explosives hidden just inside the back door, so to speak. Ow.

Sticking to that particular zone, we also featured some knife-proof security long johns. Stylish!

New to the site is our latest Bench Test – it focuses on Samsung Techwin’s SPD-3750T dome camera. Check that thing out, why dontcha?

Yesterday the SIA said it was introducing new qualifications next year which would be linked to licensing. Interesting.

It’s also been a bit of a high-tech, futuristic week. We’ve had a new surveillance robot; some RATS in space; and a thermal look at the side of the moon Pink Floyd professed an interest in. Exciting!

I’m off to relax in my jacuzzi with a bevy of bikini-clad lovelies, somewhere in my secret lair on an island or a volcano or something. I’ll see you, in particular, next week.

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Qualifications, cameras, and robots

Hi there security news pals. We’re stuffed to the gills with stories and articles and the like, so I will link to them forthwith.

The Security Industry Authority is set to introduce new qualifications that it will link to licensing. These will happen next year. Have a read to find out more…

We’ve got the latest Bench Test to find its way onto the site, in the form of Samsung Techwin’s SPD-3750T. It boasts a 37x optical zoom. Woah.

We’re big fans of robots here at I4S, so I’m delighted to say we have another robot-based story for you today. This one looks like something out of the father/son bonding TV phenomenon Robot Wars.

In addition to all of this chunky, delicious content, we’ve got tasty morsels on a Corps Security contract; some unlicensed door staff, one of whom ran away from investigators; acronym heaven in PCI DSS; and the UN’s new online training course to fight terrorism.

That’s yer lot!

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