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Biometrics, knife crime, and an editor’s view

Wednesday! That’s the day of the week it is. No surprises there then, I’d imagine. And it’s no surprise at all that I4S is chock-full of security news wonderfulness. Here’s some. Look!

We’ve got Stewart Hefferman opining on those twin thingos, banking and biometrics. He thinks they should hang out together more.

There’s also this award-winning video on the ramifications of knife crime. Way to go, feller!

Once again Security Installer editor Alan Hyder has donned his opinion wetsuit and analysis flippers and dived headfirst into the murky waters of the security world, in his fortnightly SI Editor’s View column.

In addition to this magnificence, we’ve got another video for you, of a more instructional nature – it’s someone installing an Axis camera. Nice!

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ID cards, fraudsters, and the conference of a lifetime

Well, what a stonking day of security news and associated things. Let’s investigate, shall we?

First up, Stewart Hefferman takes a long hard look at that most contentious of subjects: identity cards. Are they ripe for the plucking by devious fraudsters? Reading the article will provide you with more information.

Then, Brian Sims – the illustrious editor of SMT Online – guides us through one of THE greatest conferences of this or any other lifetime: Securing Educational Establishments. I am not one for overstatement, but if you miss out on this conference you will regret it for the rest of your time here on this planet. Possibly!

We’ve also got the lowdown on SMT Select, the invitation-only security networking and information club. It’s a little bit special.

Do you own an airport? Are birds causing a problem? Perhaps you need a Scarecrow.

We’ve got a couple of interesting case studies as well – there’s G4Tec’s success at Southampton University, and Avigilon is lending a helping hand to Novartis with its HD CCTV gear.

There’s a lot more besides. It’s at info4security.com. As an unbiased observer, I’d thoroughly recommend that you explore it fully.

Also, don’t forget www.ifsec.co.uk. It’s nice.

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