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Fresh faces and lowlife scumbags

We welcome a new face to the info4security family today, in the form of Andrew Seldon, editor of South Africa’s Hi-Tech Security Solutions magazine. Andrew will be providing us with regular updates on security news in the south of the African continent. Here’s his first instalment.

We’ve also got the National Security Inspectorate’s reaction to the £5m grant fund for UK small retailers to improve security. In a nutshell? Cautious!

Everyone likes the environment, apart from evil criminals. TSS has helped to nab some of these lowlife scumbags. Useful.

And an armed criminal (as opposed to an amputee criminal, perhaps) has been convicted with help from Identicom and G4S ARC. Bad criminal.

We’ve also got Secured by Design accreditation for CCTV in Focus; an acquisition for CFS; and some security excitement in Oman. Oh man.

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ID card images, and MoD jobs

Hello! Welcome to a big day of security news excitement. Let’s dig in.

First up is the images of the somewhat reviled UK ID cards, which have been unveiled by Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Will anyone ever actually use one?

We’ve also got a very interesting piece on how to go about getting work from the UK’s Ministry of Defence if you are a guarding company. And let’s face it, so many of us are nowadays. Possibly.

Things that move can often be useful. That’s one reason why TSS is putting CCTV in car wing mirrors. Others are outlined in the article. So feel free to read that.

Elsewhere, we’ve got an Indian appointment for ADT Security; some information destruction standards exhilaration; and pay-as-you-go home IP security. Delightful!

You have precisely one day left in which to vote for the Security Manufacturer of the Year as part of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards. It’s one way to make your favourite stand out from the crowd.

Also, here’s a weird man blowing a raspberry on a cat’s stomach.

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Opinions, yobs, and rail crossings

Rapid-fire security news bursts today, for maximum efficiency and fun. Let’s do it.

First we’ve got Security Installer commander-in-chief Alan Hyder, who lets loose the dogs of opinion in his powerful and provocative SI Editor’s View. It’s analysis artillery!

Then there’s the mobile CCTV unit from TSS helping to tackle football yobs and anti-social behaviour in Carlisle. It’s got a video of a fight!

There have been quite a lot of reports of the dangers of level rail crossings in recent times, and some of the foolish types who put themselves in danger. So it’s good to hear that COE and Anixter are working together on the problem.

From the enchanted land of IFSEC comes this Andrew Rosenthal-authored piece on perimeter security for our Critical National Infrastructure.

And those folks at Project Griffin have launched a new version of their security officer training package. Edumacational!

Splonk: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Springtime for apprentices

Astonishingly, the sun is shining outside I4S Towers today – and there appears to be some warmth happening as well. What? Could this be spring?

It’s certainly a time for the rebirth of the 2009 Apprentice Skills Challenge, the apprentice installer skills competition that takes place at IFSEC each year. It’s ten years old in 2009. Cripes! We’ve also got the rundown of Sony’s IFSEC preparations.

Football fans and CCTV technology have been familiar ruckus-buddies for some time now. A new CCTV van equipped by TSS is the latest development in this fine tradition.

If you’re in London, or head there regularly, and you have a nose for spotting suspicious, terrorist-like behaviour, the Met Police would love to hear from you. They’ve just launched a new campaign encouraging folks to keep their eyes peeled.

In other news, it looks like India’s on course for widescale IP uptake; and we’ve got some advice on getting involved with gate automation and access control.

Then, go ahead and register for the IFSEC Conference 2009. It will make you look like a better person in the eyes of your friends and colleagues. And although your family have no choice but to love and accept you, they will find it easier if you have been an IFSEC Conference delegate. It’s the way of the world.

That’s right: catch a load of www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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