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Body armour and installation times

Hey! Time for some exciting claims action today, as our two top stories are all about some claims or other. Claims!

First up is ASEO, whose CEO claims its body armour is the best in the world. What a claim! Is it true? It is difficult for me to say.

Our second claim comes from Siemens. They reckon their fancy new detectors can halve installation times. It may well be the case!

There’s also an RFID contract in Malaysia for RCG; and new product launches for Y-cam, Videotec, and Samsung Techwin. Fantastic.

And you may not have heard, but the Security Excellence Awards are happening this very week – Thursday night, in actual fact! If you can’t make it, I’ll be dominating the technosphere by using fangled technology Twitter LIVE! from the Park Lane Hilton. Follow me here for all the excitement you can handle.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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ID cards, lighting, and alliances

Monday Monday Monday – so good, they named it thrice. Let’s news!

We’ve already had a bit of a discussion start following the publication of this article on 10,000 people signing up for the UK Government’s ID card website. What’s your take?

And Raytec has reported a positive response to its lighting amnesty. That’s a scheme to save wasteful CCTV lighting, rather than a scheme to light Amnesty, the human rights organisation. Although that would be admirable, if it proved to be helpful to them in some way. If their lights were broken, for instance. Or if they had dropped something small and required additional illumination to locate it.

In other news, LiLin is working with Network Webcams; church vandals in Dover have been thwarted; and where do we draw the line with pre-employment screening? It’s blockbuster stuff.

Don’t forget – as if you could! – that the highlight of the security year, the Security Excellence Awards 2009, take place this Thursday night. If you can’t be there, I’ll be doing a live Twitter-coverage thingy. And I4S is the only place you’ll find the full results later that night. Cool.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Fraud, advice, and naked scanning

It’s the end of another week of security news explorationboldly going where no other security information portal would ever dare, or try, discovering new security stars and planets, and just generally expanding humanity’s knowledge base. So that’s good.

Appropriately enough, we kicked off the week with an article with the word ‘kickstart’ in its headline! How gloriously suitable. It was about National Identity Fraud Prevention Week. To tie in with the theme, SMT Online editor Brian Sims wrote his SMT Online Editor’s View around the same subject, and the BSIA also weighed in with their thoughts.

Away from fraud, it was the week that the doctors took control of I4S. Our CCTV Doctor addressed the subject of entry-level IP systems, while our Alarms Doctor looked at Radio Frequency Interference. If they were a band, or part of the police, I would call them The Advice Squad.

At the start of the week, a lot of the mainstream British media decided to report on Manchester Airport’s new scanners, which apparently can see right through your clothes to provide a blurry image of the outline of your saucy, saucy body. I wrote a blog piece about it – and now this week’s Song About Security is dedicated to the same subject. It’s from X-Ray Spex. Clever!

This time next week, we’ll have the results of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards available for you. They take place on Thursday night – and if you really want to be the first in the know, follow me on Twitter. I’ll be providing live updates direct from the Park Lane Hilton in London. Technological!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Nudity, courses and internet protocol

It’s Tuesday, and you’re looking particularly foxy. Hey, no problem, you’re very welcome indeed.

When people look back on today in history, it will be remembered as the day the media talked about airport security because an element of nudity was involved. In that spirit, here is my blog post.

In slightly more clothed news today, the BIIAB has released details of some new qualifications available for security officers and public space CCTV operators. Educational.

And the excellently-named Lodewijk van Ommeren says there are many advantages to the latest generation of IP alarm systems. Lovely.

There’s more IP stuff today – IndigoVision’s Barry Keepence on storage; CCTV Center’s roadshows; TDSi on 21CN testing – it’s all there.

And don’t forget the Security Excellence Awards take place next Thursday. You’ll be able to get live updates by following my Twitter feed – and of course all the winners will be up on I4S before the end of the night. Fantastic. Fantastic indeed.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Politics, acquisitions, and pets

I’m back in the I4S driver’s seat today, after SMT Online editor Brian Sims’ splendid deputations yesterday (though I believe he attempted to tar me with his Iron Maiden-shaped brush – regular readers will know that I have far too much self respect and dignity for that.)

Today, Mr Sims himself looks at the inevitable UK election, and asks what the major parties are likely to be offering the business community. He also begins a series of profiles on the parties’ security policies, starting with the Conservatives.

Kingdom Security has just made some acquisitions. What the heck has it acquired? You should read the story, for the good of us all.

Elsewhere, IDM has gone ahead and helped some Pets at Home; Samsung Techwin has launched a new chipset which it rather cockily calls ‘Winner’; and Skills for Security has accredited a course for door supervisor trainers. That’s some tasty newsli!

Don’t forget that you can follow me (twitter.com/info4security), Brian Sims (twitter.com/smtonlineeditor), and Alan Hyder (twitter.com/alanhyder) on exciting social brevity machine Twitter, if that’s your bag.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The ‘running the gamut’ edition

It’s Thursday, and all human life is here – in your daily security news missive from charming and delightful security oracle I4S.

I’m not kidding – today’s edition includes a bit of something for everyone. James Bond, Gurkhas, greenhouses, Twitter, hip hop, CCTV, petrol stations, shipping, vehicle barriers, travel alerts, and local authorities – they’re all covered.

So have a look at our story about the ultra-exciting James Bond museum in Cumbria, which is being protected by Chubb Security.

And have a gander at the G4S Gurkhas and the high-tech greenhouse project they are looking after.

Then backspin and headspin and body-pop and do the caterpillar and so on, in honour of AP Security’s work with a hip hop dance festival in London.

Twitter is a thing people use – here is a story about some security implications!

And installers who like cruising – or rather, install CCTV on ships – are being invited to attend a thrilling show about this very topic. Aces!

There’s also more – see I4S for the lowdown. Yes!

Have a squiz: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: IFSEC 2009 special

Hello. I am sitting in bed as I type this. Truly. It’s not because the powers that be at I4S Towers have installed bunks and have us working around the clock in some kind of prison-camp style arrangement. No, it’s because security shindig IFSEC 2009 finished up yesterday, and I’m knackered.

As a consequence, our theme this week is ‘relaxation‘.

But it’s been anything but relaxing at the NEC Birmingham this week. And we’ve been there the whole time, diligently covering all the action with assorted high-tech tools and good old-fashioned trudging around and scrawling in notepads.

SMT Online supremo Brian Sims hosted numerous discussion and briefings and high-end talks – but still found time to keep all and sundry updated via the magic of Twitter. Find him at twitter.com/smtonlineeditor.

Security Installer boss Alan Hyder brought us a veritable tsunami of news excitement, including this piece on Norbain honcho Alun John’s observations of the state of the CCTV market, and details of Dedicated Micros’ strategy for the year ahead.

I contributed a techno-splodge of video items and photo galleries. These included bits from Cisco Systems, Samsungs Techwin and Electronics, Axis Communications, and a quick demo of an IFSEC Award-winning product from Concept Smoke Screen.

Speaking of the IFSEC 2009 Security Industry Awards – they happened! Oh yes. Hosted by John Sergeant. We had all the winners first! And a photo gallery of beautiful people. As well as some from the security industry. Ha ha ha. I jest. Or do I? Yes, I do.

We’ll have much more from IFSEC 2009 over the coming days and weeks, so keep coming back to info4security.com for your security news fix, information junkies.

I’m going to continue to have a decent lie down. See you next week. Here are some tigers and pumpkins.

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The security week: Quivering in anticipation of IFSEC edition

Well ok. It’s almost here. This, ladies and gents, is your final I4S missive before the big one, the papa-san, el jefe, the security archbishop – IFSEC – kicks off next Monday. I’m thrilled and excited beyond the realms of human description. It’s like being on a first date with a huge, all-powerful, slightly intimidating security event. Or something. Ahem.

But before we get to the IFSEC exhilaration, we need to pause for a moment in recognition of the fact that the Security Industry Authority in the UK has decided not to go ahead with in-house security officer licensing. Is that a mistake?

Brian Sims thinks so, as he outlines in his SMT Online Editor’s View. He also talks about the Government’s proposed ID card launch – which was criticised this week by TSSI.

Brian was at the helm this week of our very first webinar, which focused on HD and IP CCTV. You can register and access the webinar at your leisure by moseying on down to this very link. Clever!

And yesterday Westminster Council launched its first mobile CCTV unit. It’s highly technologically advanced. I doubt there are any gremlins in the system.

So. IFSEC. Did you know that if you visit the show – at Birmingham’s NEC, no less – and drop by the I4S stand at I20, Hall 4, you can win a brand new iPod Nano simply by voting for your favourite Song About Security? Well, you can. This week’s tune comes courtesy of the Manic Street Preachers. Nifty.

This is interesting: after deciding to sit out this year’s event, Norbain has confirmed that it will be back at IFSEC next year. Lovely.

We’ll be at the show all next week, and we will be employing cutting edge, zeitgeist-friendly new media technologies to cover it. And by that, I mean Twitter. Follow myself, Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder. If you so desire. You can also join the IFSEC 2009 LinkedIn group. And you can visit info4security.com any time you like, really.

Of course there’ll be I4S Daily Digests featuring the pick of the day’s stories – but these might be out a little later than normal. Alternately, why not subscribe to the I4S RSS feed? News headlines right to your RSS reading device type thing! Crazy.

See you on the other side.

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SIA says ‘no’ to in-house licensing

Just one more working day to go before the most important security event in the history of humankind – or something like that – at IFSEC next week. So we’ve decided to pack the news in tight, like sumo wrestlers in a Smart car.

So here’s an important UK security industry story: the Security Industry Authority has decided that in-house security staff won’t need to be licensed – at least for the next three years. Hmmmm!

TSSI has come right out and criticised the plan to start introducing voluntary ID cards in Manchester. And Millwall FC has upgraded its CCTV coverage. It’s gone digital!

As you’d expect, I4S will be representin’ at IFSEC. Here’s a story explaining how you can win an iPod off us simply by visiting our stand! And voting for your favourite Song About Security. And leaving your name and email address. Simple!

And make sure that if you’re doing any Twitter-type things about the show, that you join in all the social media fun and games by including the #IFSEC tag in your ‘tweets’. That’s great fun!

Yes yes yes yes yes ok: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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It’s webinar time!

As well as being one of the uglier pretend words bestowed upon us during the internet age, a ‘webinar’ is also a fantastic – and, crucially, FREE – educational and discussional opportunity. And your chance to take part in our free HD and IP CCTV webinar takes place tomorrow, May 6, at 3pm BST (that’s 1400 GMT, accuracy fans). Register now, and get involved!

Also offering high quality free content is QED, who will be presenting two seminars at IFSEC, both focused on helping installers sell and market their way through the recession. Totally worthwhile!

Oh yeah – apparently IFSEC is happening next week as well. You could visit the official website to browse through all of the exhibitors and educational features – as well as the high spec conference. Special.

And if you’re on newfangled 140-character excitement generation behemoth Twitter, you could follow me (Anthony Hildebrand – hi) or SMT Online editor Brian Sims, or Security Installer editor Alan Hyder – or even the official IFSEC folks. You’ll never miss a thing about anything ever! It’s like magic!

Also please visit www.info4security.com. It’s a job, man.

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