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The security week: Olympic opportunities, and cash-in-transit conviction

Welcome to an action-packed Weekly Digest – where it’s all security, all of the time (except when it’s Songs About Security or something equally spurious.)

This week we reported on the opportunity to express your interest in tendering for security work at the London 2012 Olympics. The deadline for this is rapidly approaching so it’s worth getting in quick.

There was also an interesting item on the first cash-in-transit conviction using ‘DNA’ spray SmartWater. This also features a photo of a man (not really a criminal, I hasten to add) wearing a soiled hoodie.

Tuesday saw the long-awaited announcement of the shortlisted finalists for this year’s Security Excellence Awards. The vote for Security Manufacturer of the Year is open to the public, so make sure you get involved.

Security Installer’s Alan Hyder provided his always entertaining Editor’s View this week – and returned to one of his favourite topics at present: garden security.

Back in the world of slightly spurious security content, this week’s Songs About Security offering comes courtesy of those stylish troubadours, Urban Cookie Collective. You know you want to look.

And don’t forget to visit www.jobsforsecurity.com. In my personal opinion, this is the single greatest and most useful site dedicated to jobs in the security industry that I have ever had the pleasure to visit, or, indeed, endorse. Go there now or at some stage in future, I implore you.

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