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The security week: Quivering with IFSEC anticipation

It’s almost upon us. That once a year, adrenalised security thrill-monkey that is IFSEC. Monday’s the kick-off, though exhibitors are likely to be gathering in Birmingham even now. But not in a menacing way. Well, not necessarily.

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has been busy chatting to some of the major exhibitors about their plans for the show. See what luminaries from Sony, Panasonic (Steven Gerrard, no less!) and HID Global have to say about what they’re launching, and the state of the market.

We’ve also got stories on the launch of IFSEC West Africa, which takes part during the show, and the Intelligent Integration Zone feature area, which looks set to be super interesting. Zone!

Of course there’s also a raft of preview information from more than 70 exhibitors on our dedicated IFSEC news page. Some of the latest articles focus on iDTEQ, Zyxel and ACTi, CSL DualCom, VideoIQ, Irisys, ASL Vision, Clearview, Honeywell, and the recently launched Mobile Phone Security Association.

In the midst of all of this IFSEC 2010 preparation, Brian has managed to find time to have a chat with Nick Palmer of VSG about the company’s rigorous vetting procedures.

And we’ve had advice from our Access Control Doctor on using the features of high end access systems.

Sometimes you just want to know what it is that everyone’s keen on reading. That’s why we provide our handy ‘Best read stories’ service. It tells you which I4S stories have been read by the most people in the last month. Wow!

Our Song About Security this week comes from excellent electropop Mancunians New Order. Have it, etc.

Also, there was an election in the UK yesterday. Interesting.

For real-time news updates, live from IFSEC 2010, follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

To calm your nerves before next week’s cornucopia of excitation, here is a video of a dog dancing for his dinner.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Banishing the Monday Blues (on Tuesday)

Hello! I am back in the news-missive saddle for the last week of 2009 (security news missive-wise). Let’s do this thing.

First up is some very creative marketing from Videofied. They’ve gone and taken the tune of the Buggles ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ and changed the words to promote their wireless alarm system. Clever.

Then there’s Dave Tynan from Avigilon, talking about the capabilities of ultra wide angle surveillance cameras. Visionary.

Then there’s a whopping big university contract for VSG; some door examinations; and an interesting access installation in the City of London. All good stuff.


www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Cash-in-transit at the movies

Ho ho ho, etc. It’s 17 days until Christmas, so here are some security news items. A kind of ‘present‘, if you will.

This is definitely a festive treat – a movie all about cash-in-transit operatives, spelled wrongly by Americans. Let me know your predictions as to its quality.

If you fancy breaking into films and celebrity whatnot yourself, you should purchase a motorhome. Octavian is looking for on-site caravanners to help protect its outside broadcast projects. Seriously.

In addition, there are pieces on monitored alarm systems and also IP signalling (featuring a photo of author Bob Tuck, clearly the friendliest-looking man in the world); VSG protecting a Bosch plant; Axxon on the lessons it has learnt working in Russia, and how they will translate to the UK; and a fraudulent medic. What a plank!

Here is some pie. Merry Christmas.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The popularity issue

Greetings folks. IFSEC India finished up over the weekend – here’s a piece by our I4S India editor Verghese Joseph on the number of government visitors who attended the show. Head over to I4S India’s IFSEC India section for more show coverage. Superb.

Today, being the first business day of November 2009, is an ideal opportunity to provide a story revealing not just the 10 best read stories on I4S during October, but also veritable LINKS to each of those stories as well! That’s space age technology for you.

There are also two rail-related stories for your own, personal, private delectation. SmartWater has won a gong (probably not an actual gong, sadly) from rail industry types; while ASL has helped to secure some of the London Overground network’s stations.

Today is also the day where I link to news of the new members in the HDcctv Alliance; a megapixel launch for Samsung Techwin; IP door entry from Urmet; and a BP/VSG partnership to prevent forecourt crime. Outstanding!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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The security week: Argos, Sainsbury’s, and IFSEC India

It’s Friday, so in many cases it’s the end of the working week. Hooray! And apologies if not. Here’s some security news to cheer you up!

It’s not often we get to talk about Argos, the UK’s premier great value but slightly depressing retail experience provider. They’ve teamed up with VSG for some security provision excitement. Lovely.

Speaking of retailers, Loomis is working with Sainsbury’s. That’s an effective partnership!

And IFSEC India 2009 is taking place right now. Our I4S India editor, Verghese Joseph, spoke exclusively to Delhi’s chief minister, the delightfully named Sheila Dikshit, at the event’s opening. Check out I4S India for more stories direct from the show.

This week’s Song About Security is the sublime and powerful ‘Girls on Film’ by Duran Duran. Click through to find out why.

Don’t forget, if you missed it last week, that you can find all of the winners of the 2009 Security Excellence Awards here. Then have a look at these galleries of the winners themselves, and the glamorous folks what attended. Beautiful!

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Argos and pickles

Ahem. It’s time for some security news wotsits.

First up today is much loved UK catalogue-based small-pencil-and-waiting-on-plastic seats-with-people-you-hope-won’t-speak-to-you retailer Argos. VSG has signed a contract to do security stuff for them!

Then there’s good old Dave Pickles. Guess what he’s in? That’s right: it’s the managing director’s chair at Siemens Security Solutions.

There’s also Rachel Bowler picking up a Young Entrepreneur’s award; a distribution deal between 802 Global and ACTi; and just how secure are you and your organisation?

Don’t forget that IFSEC India is just around the corner. If it’s at all geographically feasible, you should attend. It’s likely to be ace.

And here’s another chance to look at the galleries from the Security Excellence Awards 2009 – here’s the winners (and an accompanying list of them) and the beautiful people who attended. Super good stuff.

www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Vulnerabilities and regulations

We’re back. It’s been a delightful extended weekend break, but now it’s time to turn our noses to the grindstone, and really grind some security news nostril. Or something like that.

So. Today we’ve got a story about the security vulnerability of large utility sites. They’re so innocent and vulnerable.

And there are a couple of pieces from the Security Industry Authority’s Stakeholder conference: Dr Adam White on the journey to regulation, and SMT Online editor Brian Sims on the social side of the event.

In addition there are wonderful and insightful pieces on a VSG contract; remote monitoring-based theft reduction; and a Chinese office for ioimage. As well as more!

Get your entries in for the Security Excellence Awards 2009. It’s your chance to be one of life’s genuine winners!

Gah! www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk

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Security at the G20 summit

An interesting day here at info4security, with the G20 summit taking place in London. SMT Online editor Brian Sims has looked at the event’s security preparations. We’re keeping an eye on things via Twitter – follow me at http://twitter.com/info4security.

Also today is the sheer, unbridled excitement of your best read stories for March 2009. I4S readers liked videos of killing machines and truck smashes. Nice!

Elsewhere, security cows are proving popular in Europe; VSG is working with the Bank of America; and Axis Security has gained ISO 14001 certification.

Don’t forget to enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009 – they’re simply delightful. Another lovely thing is the IFSEC Conference – it has lovely talking and listening and tea and coffee and biscuits.

See: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk


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The security week: Cameras, a look back, invective, and sauciness

In our final Friday dispatch for 2008, we’ve got an exclusive article by SIA chairman Baroness Ruth Henig, looking back at what’s been a fairly eventful year for the UK’s industry Regulator.

And we’ve got advice from our dashing doctor in residence – that’s the CCTV Doctor – who helps out a patient with a foggy night time camera problem.

SMT Online boss Brian Sims loads up his opinion-cannon and fires out forthright invective in the shape of his Editor’s View.

And he’s been out to BSIA chief David Dickinson’s retirement dinner. John Bates takes over the top role next year.

Importantly, we’ve got a story from Milestone Systems about their Christmas events, which involved some staff dressing in saucy police outfits. We felt obliged to run the photos in the public interest.

And Milestone has also been involved in a vital security installation at a high priority hotel for pets. This week’s Song About Security is a tribute to this important work.

Brilliantly, BT Redcare’s new boss is called Roger Vigilance – like some kind of mild-mannered security superhero. And it’s a tale of people with almost the same name, as Reid goes to work for G4S, and Reed takes on a new role at VSG. Wow!

Our glamorous Job of the Week is for installation engineers. If you would like a job, this one seems like it may be ideal. Others can be found at Jobs for Security.

The next instalment of The Security Week will hit your screens on January 9, 2009. Have a thoroughly relaxing break. We’ll see you on the other side.

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Uzi like Sunday morning

Shoplifting and Uzis. We pride ourselves on being hip, edgy, and exciting here at info4security, so we were very excited to be able to include stories with headlines about submachine guns and insane levels of retail crime for your edutainment today.

First up is the story of the latest British Retail Consortium Report, which suggests that a shoplifting incident is taking place every 90 seconds in the UK. ESPlus, a company that sells products which aim to prevent these incidents, has warned shopkeepers to be vigilant.

Then there’s that Uzis thing. There were some very positive test results for a Cuirazz Body Protection vest, which came up against not only an Uzi, but also a couple of Magnums. Magnums full of bullets, not champagne, mind you.

Some have seen the Onvif and PSIA bodies as being in competition over developing network interoperability standards, but not IndigoVision. They’ve decided to join both. Fair play to ’em.

We’ve also got stories on office openings: Kings has had a successful three-day event for its new HQ and ARC; and VSG has gone ahead and opened a London city branch.

As the cold winter nights draw in, what better way of feeding and clothing yourself and your family than by finding gainful employment? A good place to do that is Jobs for Security.

Seriously good security stuff: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk.

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