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Brief but informative edition

Keeping it brief. That is the thing that’s happening today. Why? Lack of time!

So, we’ve got a story about detectors ‘dramatically’ reducing car dealership crime. Possibly by acting tough.

Visitors to IFSEC can also earn ASIS CPE credits by attending the IFSEC Conference 2009. Mmm, learning.

There are also record results for IntelliQ; and a story which features a lady holding a rubber chicken.

Our exciting webinar about HD and IP CCTV takes place next week. Register now! It’s totally free and everything.

Yerp: www.ifsec.co.uk, www.info4security.com

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Fly-tipping and burglarising

Yikes! It’s security news excitement time again. Dive in!

Everyone likes the environment. If you dislike the environment, you’re a terrible person. I’m sorry, but that’s accepted wisdom. That’s why it’s nice to see some solar-powered CCTV getting in on the anti-fly-tipping action. Green power!

And we’ve got some advice from those friendly people at the NSI on avoiding household burglary. The story is accompanied by a photo of an actual burglar in action stealing a set of keys! If only the photographer had shown some crimefighting nous and slammed the window on the burglar’s arm.

Also today, Security Installer editor Alan Hyder swoops low and deposits his metaphorical opinion load on the burning forest of security issues (also metaphorical) in his SI Editor’s View. This week he argues that the time may have come for security firms to use increasing crime figures as a marketing tool for their services.

And please, whatever you do, make sure you get yourself registered for our HD and IP CCTV webinar. It’s not only high-tech, it’s downright educational.

Ahoy hoy hoy: www.info4security.com, then www.ifsec.co.uk, then off for a nice cup of tea.

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Budget kit – and the Budget

Being back at work after the weekend is no laughing matter – but we’ve got a wealth of super interesting and exciting security news to add a little sparkle to your week of (possible) drudgery. If my employers are reading this, I’m personally delighted to be back in the office. Honestly.

Having just about got away with that, let’s move on to the topic everyone can’t stop talking about – our new Bench Test. This time around we have our first look at Norbain’s new cost-conscious Xeno line of CCTV equipment, in the shape of its XDR04 DVR. Nice assessment!

And following that look at some budget kit, we’ve got a security-oriented look at the Budget itself, handed down last week by UK Chancellor Alistair Darling. Paula Tallon tells all.

Jon Hill of Mirasys UK begins his regular series of installer advice columns – Jon’s Top 5. This time he’s looking at IP CCTV.

You know, one of the themes of today’s missive has been cost-effectiveness and budgeting. (The others are security, IP CCTV, looking inside digital video recorders, and complaining about having to work.) And you can’t get any more cost-effective than something that is TOTALLY FREE*. An excellent free thing is our new webinar, which focuses on IP and HD CCTV. If you’re reading this, it seems likely that you have a computer. In that case, you should really go and register for it. It’s free!

*Unless someone gave you some money for no reason, I suppose. But that seems unlikely.

In that case – or even if not: www.info4security.com, www.ifsec.co.uk.

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Call for consultant qualifications – and 21CN

Today we’ve got such a hefty dose of security news that all of your security information and opinion-based ailments will be cured forever! Or until tomorrow, whichever comes first.

In his Editor’s View column, SMT Online editor Brian Sims gets critical over the lack of qualifications required to work as a security consultant. It’s important, timely stuff – read the article and get involved in the debate by leaving a comment.

There’s also a test plan for the use of security equipment on BT’s 21st Century Network available from the BSIA. You can download the document by reading our story. Neat!

I’m glad to say we also have a story about blimps. Yes indeed.

Make sure that you register for our free webinar. It’s an audio seminar on the web – hence the name – and it’s on HD and IP CCTV. Super useful!

If you’re a Twitter-type person, follow my twitterings, or those of Brian Sims. It’s all very cutting edge and that sort of thing.

Holla: www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk

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