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Fingerprints and market leadership

Good Monday! I’m back in the office after last week’s Security Excellence Awards shindig hootenanny extravaganza. In case you missed it, here’s the full list of winners, here’s a gallery with them in it, and here’s another gallery of images from the event.

In today’s security news awesomeness we have not just a video, and not just a photo, but a video, photo and words all about a new fingerprint technology that is designed to scan its way through muck and scars and all that sort of malarkey. Check it out!

Then there’s Bosch’s claim to be the market leader in the EMEA CCTV market – which isn’t, sadly, a huge covered market that happens in The Hague or somewhere between Thursday and Sunday each week.

We’ve also got a new face to introduce: it’s Martin Jefferson, of Western Digital, who takes up the newly created post of Storage Doctor. Read all about him – then send through your digital video storage questions. FAQtual!

There’s also cash in transit experts Loomis with their Sainsbury’s contract; Smart Guard’s plans for IFSEC India; and terror security for Number One Poultry – a building, rather than an excellent chicken. Though a prize winning chicken could be the target of an attack, so best to keep vigilant.

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Fragmented police – and robots!

Wahey! That’s the enthusiastic start to this very missive. Yes, this one here. Let’s go!

First up is robots. We’re big fans of robots here at I4S, and get very excited when we hear about things like Samsung Techwin’s killing robot, because it feels like we are living in the future. So today’s piece on the ReconRobot is very welcome indeed.

However, fragmented UK police is not so good. According to this article, that’s the consequence of the digital switchover. Yikes!

We’ve got more IFSEC 2009 coverage today, with stories on Western Digital and the BSIA’s Meet The Buyers event. Remember that you can access all of our IFSEC 2009 coverage by visiting this little link here.

Proving very popular is our story on the IFSEC Award winners and its attendant glitz and glamour gallery. If you fancy appearing in either of these types of things later this year, you should enter the Security Excellence Awards 2009. They’re totally prestigious!

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