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The security week: Environment, foals, and CCTV advice

Yes. It’s time for another week’s worth of security news thrills and spills. Let’s get down to it.

Last week I headed along to Siemens’ ‘Answers for the Environment’ event in Coventry, where I had the chance to have a quick chat with Security Solutions MD Dave Pickles. I even made a video of it. You can watch that here.

There’s also some video of a foal being born – it’s not nearly as gross as it could be. The mare belongs to champion showjumper Andrew Mizon, who had a surveillance system installed by IPEye using Axis cameras to keep an eye on his horses. Watch it here.

We’ve also had a fair amount of advice, tips and useful info on I4S this week – here’s The Networker on IP surveillance in the public transport sector ; the return of the CCTV Doctor, discussing megapixel cameras; and Iain’s Top 5, which looks at the public perception of CCTV.

Security Institute chairman Mike Bluestone has decided to move back into the world of guarding by joining Corps Security. SMT Online editor Brian Sims spoke to him about the reasons for the move. Read all about it here.

Also this week: zombies and holograms. Cool. Plimsoll Publishing has gone ahead and described some guarding companies as ‘zombies’. Why? Read the story and find out. And the holograms have to do with banknote security. There are some very cool pictures to have a look at here.

Our Song About Security this week is a truly reprehensible country number. Once you’ve listened to it, all other music will appear significantly better. It will help give you a healthy sense of perspective.

And here is a classic compilation video of news bloopers. Enjoy.,

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The security week: Remote maintenance, Registers, and retirement

Air hair lair. Welcome to this week’s digested security news missive, coming at you direct from the operations room in I4S Towers. Let’s get newsy.

There are a whole bunch of big stories vying for your attention. First metaphorical cab off the rank is Tony Makosinski from Honeywell, who says that some installers are not taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to them by remote maintenance. Find out more by clicking here.

Also this week SMT Online honcho Brian Sims brought us a report on the new plans for a UK Register of Chartered Security Professionals/Practitioners (might have to be a bit more decisive on the naming there, chaps!). Read all about it here.

And the National Security Inspectorate’s chief Andrew White has decided to retire. We’ve got the details, a look back at White’s career, and some industry reaction – all accessible by clicking here.

Knowing what’s popular is great, right? That’s why we are such avid consumers of lists explaining ‘What’s Hot’ (the sun; radiators; an ironmonger’s forge) and ‘What’s Not’ (snow; Pluto; Thatcher). Where would we be without such indicators? Here’s another one: it’s the best read stories on info4security during June 2010. Interesting.

We’ve also got news of some acquisitions by Rentokil Initial; a bit of crystal ball gazing about the future of CCTV; an international view at the SIA’s Stakeholder Conference; and an IFSEC 2010 wrap-up, along with Norbain’s IFSEC competition winners.

The deadline for 2010’s Security Excellence Awards is looming. Looming! Like that loom of doom in the film ‘Wanted’. Not really. That is a ridiculous film. More like some top notch awards offering the possibility of oodles of industry kudos. Enter them! Read more about the whole thing here.

Our Song About Security this week comes from legendary geek rockers They Might Be Giants. I’m insisting that it’s somehow about network security, in order to fit it into this feature.

Here is a child who is learning very quickly about the horrors of ageing. And here is a man who is very frustrated at a shopping mall being closed. He indulges in some bad language, so be warned.,

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