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The security week: Theresa May, door supervision, and leopards

Welcome to your weekly dose of security informatasticness. It’s mindbending fun. And it’s a delight to be here. Let’s newsletter!

First this week is our round-up of the very best read stories on info4security during May. This was dominated, as you’d imagine, by the news and images coming out of IFSEC. Click here to see what you missed – and find out what others have been reading.

SMT Online honcho Brian Sims has looked into new UK Home Secretary Theresa May’s policing plans. Read the story here.

Then read up on the new licence-linked qualifications for door supervisors; and hear from Luke Martyn at ADT on what small to medium-sized businesses should take into account when tackling their security requirements.

Why not follow that up with some pictures and video of newly hatched rare leopard cubs, caught on an Axis network camera at Tallinn Zoo? They are cute etc.

And top that off by reading an interview with CSL DualCom advertisement star and IFSEC stand representative Hannah Gray – who also happens to be an aspiring pop star. Check out the videos and photos here.

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the 2010 Security Excellence Awards. If you end up being shortlisted, your esteem will rise in the eyes of all of your friends, colleagues, and enemies, resulting in a feeling of goodwill, and immense power.

Our Song About Security this week comes courtesy of sometime Eagle Glenn Frey – and the Beverley Hills Cop soundtrack.

For real-time news updates follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/info4security and twitter.com/smtonlineeditor. And get more up to the minute news via our RSS feed.

And here is a gibbon taunting some tigers. (It’s more amusing with the sound down, unless you’re a fan of zany sound effects.) Also: a great gift idea.

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The security week: Terror threat, and the HD future

It’s Friday, and as a consequence I have Friday on my mind. Astounding! You may also have Friday on your mind, but it is by no means a requirement, or a demand. Approach your life as you see fit.

This week I was very briefly in Munich to hear about Sony’s new HD CCTV launches. There’s an article I wrote about it all here – and something specific about Sony’s new HD camera is here.

Erstwhile and current SMT Online editor Brian Sims covered UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson’s raising of the terror threat level; he also brought us the details of Terahertz radiation technology being used in scanners to detect explosives.

We had two stories in the ‘spraying some stuff onto things or people’ category – door supervisors are spraying people with Redweb’s stuff; and Dutch train people are spraying metal things with Selectamark’s stuff. Spray!

And a consultancy has claimed that risk management is a “top 10 career move in 2010“. Is it? Is it really?

Three popular things now: a story about the security and legal implications of people accessing online porn at work; private investigators say that business is booming during the economic downturn; and our Song About Security this week comes from way back in 1944, courtesy of the Andrews Sisters. Old school.

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Wintery Wednesday newsy things

A slightly snowy Wednesday in London. Here is a decent whack of security news to help warm you up.

First off the rank is the SIA and Home Office’s consultations on training for door supervisors. Educational, like.

Then there’s the whole argument around ID theft. This article seeks to ‘depoliticise’ the issue.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has some new powers. What are they? Read the article and find out. Though I doubt, sadly, that they include x-ray vision and superhuman strength.

We don’t often mention famous shopping place Harrods on I4S – but today we have. It’s got some access barrier stuff going on, thanks to APT. I’m not for one instance suggesting that it is a tacky temple to mindless consumerism. That’s for you to decide.


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Curbing boozing and double doctor time

Monday greetings, and welcome to your first I4S missive of the week. This one is short and sweet, like a well-mannered nephew, or something. Nothing at all like an angry dog.

We kick off with the door supervisor community and their pledge to help curb underage drinking this festive period. Good work, chaps!

Then we have the return of two of our favourite doctors – Dr CCTV, and Dr Alarms. They are covering hybrid video recorders and tamper false alarms respectively. Stunning.

There’s also CameraWatch’s call for annual audits of public space CCTV; an acquisition for G4S; an ESPlus Christmas warning; and a Park Royal award.


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Blogs, identity, and the BBC

It’s Thursday, and it just so happens to be ‘Blog Action Day‘, which is where people who do blogs write things about a thing. This year’s thing is climate change. You can see my contribution here (or below) – and that of SMT Online supremo Brian Sims here.

Also today, Brian reports on Pilgrims Group’s work with the BBC’s By Any Means 2 programme, hosted by Charlie Boorman, famous for being friends with Ewan McGregor, and riding a motorcycle.

And the BSIA is urging businesses to take identity fraud seriously. That is, to take the threat of identity fraud seriously, rather than try to make it a new revenue stream. I’m fairly sure that’s what they mean.

Additional nuggets of security news gold come in the form of flea-powered access control; door supervisor checks, with one man “found wearing a photocopy” of his licence; and a new look for QED online.

Here are some otters playing basketball.

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The thermal side of the moon

It’s time for a high-speed run-through of the latest and possibly greatest security news happenings and whatnot. Yes, it is!

Let’s begin with this thermal camera, which has been looking at the far side of the moon. How about that, eh? Pretty impressive stuff. It’s only a matter of time before they catch someone over there doing some moon graffiti or defacing moon bus shelters or something. Isn’t it? It is.

Then! It’s time to hear about BT Redcare’s price freeze decision. What’s being frozen? Prices on analogue circuits. When? Find out! (To find out, please click on the link to the story.)

Chargecrest has gone ahead and merged strategically; a meeting has been organised for some door supervisors; and Canon is looking to get itself a sweet 10 per cent of the Indian security market.

And in case you missed it yesterday: security underwear.

Bye. Bye!

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Excellence awards and chips and opinion

We’ve gone crazy with all the security news excitement on info4security today. Crazy!

First up, it’s the exciting news that entries are now open for the 2009 Security Excellence Awards – and there’s a brand new Environmental Initiative Award. Go green. Go on.

Samsung Electronics are launching a bunch of new cameras at IFSEC – powered by their new A1 chipset. DSP!

SMT Online editor Brian Sims has got all het up about the Government’s new counter-terrorism plans. Read his Editor’s View and then have your say!

There’s also some cameras in custody; IFSEC questions for both Bosch and Xtralis; and door supervisors wearing armbands in Norfolk.


Visit www.info4security.com and www.ifsec.co.uk. Yep.

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